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    My ten year old son is doing a project on Czech and he needs some information on the school system. it would be great if he could also find an e-pal to correspond with to learn more about the culture. My mother came from Czechoslovakia and we still have family there but unfortunately have lost touch with them. We are trying to find them again. Their name is Caldova and they have a wine bar in Dobrichovice. If anyoine knows of them or can find a phone number for them we would appreciate it.
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    The school system in czech is a bit different, then in America.
    From 0-3 nursery, 3-6 kindergarden, 6-15 basic school (during the comunism it was insead of 9 years only 8 years), next education dependes on your choise. It can be gymnazium (for 4 years), preparation for a univerzity. Or technical school (4 years) like economy, machinery, management, business, economy.... you finish with graduation exams from at least 4 subjects (maturita). Or you can choose a school what has a more practice and it takes only 2 or 3 years, it is more for a teens who do not like school that much. You get qualification to work in a factories as a normal workers, plumbers, mechaniciens... You finish with a certificate (vyucni list) Then you can go to university, but it is hard to get there and some students try it for even a 3 years. Example: from 300 people they take only 30. University is for 4 or 5 years.

    Some details about basic schools. At one class is about 30 children. Some subjects are czech language, math, english or german, geography, history, fyzics, practics as working with wood, cooking, gardening, sewing ...
    Classes are long 45 minutes. Breaks are 5,30,5,10,5,5 .. minutes. School starts at 8 o'clock sharp. Younger children have school just like to 12 o'clock that means they get like about 4 subjects. Young children have an opportunity to go to something like kindergarden after school, and there they play till they parents pick them up at 3 o'clock.
    Half term is finished by half certificate with names of all subjects and marks from 1 - 5. Term is finished by certificate where on a first half are marks from half term and on the other half marks from the other half. this certificate is called Vysvedceni.
    In Czech we do not wear uniforms.

    Well, this is pretty much about the school system. Hope it will help.

    If you are trying to find somebody in Czech you need a bit more informations, at least first name of one of them and if you know the name of the wine bar that can help a lot. You can also try to put an adverb at, vlozit inzerat, Kategorie - vzkazy a oznameni, region - ze zahranici, heslo (pasword), vek (age). Your adverb can be in english, no probs. I think that there you might have a more chance to find your relatives. Good luck.

    I have moved with my husband to Canada. He is Algerian and I'm Czech. I hope that my children will never loose contact with their parents country.
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    Hi Veronika,

    My name is Carlee Mashak I was born in Wisconsin 36 years ago and now I live in Utah. My great grandparents (Sedevie) were from Bohemia and I know very little about them. I was over in Prague last Febuary and fell in love with everything about the Czech Rep. If there are some cool websites out there please let me know. I am also thinking about taking some language classes but I find they are very limited in Utah do you know of any good audios? let me know!! Thanks and hope to be hearing from you soon.

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    Hello Carlee,

    my whole name is Veronika Matulova and I come from Moravia. I'm 22 years old and I moved to Canada with my husband. I want to give a better future to my baby boy.

    There is a lot of web pages, but most are in Czech like, where is Tv and in sezman there is dictionary (slovnik). In english there is in Czech and slovak sources you find a lot of things. Then I do not know about any audios except the one in local lingo. My husband tried it and it is not that bad. The only thing a bit annoying is that it is in a real player and it is not that comfortable to listen. In they have czech - english dictionary in languages and maybe you can find some audios too. They have lots of pages I did not check them all. If I will find something else I'll let you know.


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