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    I am searching for Kostrons in the area of Telnice, Moravia. My brother-in-law's grandfather immigrated from there - Frank Kostron. He always said he was Bohemian but my research indicates his people were from Moravia. Can someone explain the difference to me - is there really a difference in ethnicity (bloodlines) between Bohemian and Moravian people?

    Thanks for any help
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    I'm not sure how different the Moravians and Bohemians are in terms of bloodlines--not significantly, I don't expect, although perhaps there is more mixing with Germans in Bohemia. Bohemia, by the way is roughly the western half of the Czech Republic, whereas Moravia is the eastern half (excepting the north-east corner, which is part of Silesia). It's also possible that Frank's family was indeed from Bohemia, but had been living in Moravia for some generations.

    Note I found a few Kostroň's in the phonebook in Brno, which is only a few kms away. Note there seem to be a few variants of the surname, including Kostron, Kostroň, Kostroun, Kostrhon, Kostrhoun, Kostrhun, Kostrhún, and Kostrhůn.
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    Thank you for that information.

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