Seeking Info on Jan Brusenbach, circa 1675

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    I am seeking info on Jan Brusenbach who was born circa 1675. He married Kathrina Veigl. They had a daughter, Zuzana, b. 1701 at Petrovice, Cechy. She died 30 October 1772 at Cermna, Cechy, house #155. Zuzana married Jan Silar on 12 November 1735. Have information that Jan Brusenbach served as Steward in the Lordship's court at Petrovice. Would like to know the meaning of the surname Brusenbach, and would appreciate any genealogical information on the Brusenbach and Veigl lines.
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    Hmm... there are several villages with the names of Petrovice and Čermná. in Bohemia (Čechy). If one assumes that these villages were close together, it narrows the search down to three places:

    1) Between Děčín and Ustí nad Labem (NW Bohemia).
    2) Near Sušice between Klatový and Strakonice (SW Bohemia). Note the village name is actually Petrovice u Sušice (meaning "Petrovice near Sušice")
    3) Near Náchod (NE Bohemia). Note, the name Česká Čermná.

    I can't be sure which it is, since it's very possible that the longer names of the villages in 2 and 3 were commonly shortened among the local population.

    Brusenbach and Veigl are surnames of German origin, so I can't translate them. The online phonebook doesn't list any Brusenbachs, and only 8 Veigl's, none in the 3 areas above where I was looking.
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    Thanks for the information.

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