Short-term rental in Brno close to IBM

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  1. dnatebrown

    dnatebrown Active Member

    We have a short-term rental in Brno with everything needed such as sheets, pillows, kitchen utensils, towels, etc.

    Price is 13 050 CZK with all utilities and internet included.

    Please contact me with a private message or email
  2. spanish_IBM

    spanish_IBM New Member

    HI Nathan,

    Could u please specify how is the flat ? I will move to Brno to start woking in IBM the 1st July ... how short is short-temp ?

    Thanks for your help Nathan,

  3. dnatebrown

    dnatebrown Active Member

    Hi J,

    21m2 or 32 m2 studios with 5 m2 balcony and 2 m2 storage area. Totally renovated and self-sufficient for one to two individuals. All linen, towels, kitchen utensils included.

    High-speed internet is included in the fee.

    Excellent location close to the Technical Park, VUT University and IBM. Address is Bo┼żetechova 2673/102, Kralovo Pole. 15 minutes on public transport to the center of Brno. 15 minutes by car to the Brno Exhibition Grounds.

    1 to 3 month rental
    3) 21 m2 flat - 13 050 CZK/month
    4) 32 m2 flat - 16 400 CZK/month
    Damage deposit of 7 500 CZK is required.

    I can email you a link to pictures or more info if you'd like.

  4. spanish_IBM

    spanish_IBM New Member

    just with the links should be enough Nathan, thanks so much

  5. VZ

    VZ Member

    Hmm, somebody obviously bought or rented those 1kk flats at Semilasso (rent: 9K smaller one, 10k bigger one) solely for the purpose of renting them to the unsuspecting foreigners :)

    IMO 6k/month of pure profit from one 1kk flat is a bit unfair. For 16k/mo, I can find a 2+1 or even 3+1.
  6. dnatebrown

    dnatebrown Active Member

    These are short-term rents all inclusive of kitchen items, linen and towels in comparison with long-term. There is no real estate fee or commission.

    I would be happy and I'm sure there would be many other forum members happy if you could post a link for a cheaper comparable short-term rental (1 to 3 months) in Brno.

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