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Discussion in 'Make a Connection' started by kimarina, Aug 25, 2004.

  1. kimarina

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    hey there, I'm an English girl coming to live in Brno on an EVS placement. Would love to meet any young locals (I'm 21) to show me the best places to go out, both at night and day! Kim
  2. brook

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    While I can't help with meeting new people, I can recommend some nice places to go in Brno. :) A few of my favorite places while I lived there:

    - La Dolce Vita cafe (on Biskupska I believe, near Petrov) - great desserts and hot chocolate to die for and the owner is very pleasant (a relief for me while in the keenest moments of culture shock).
    - Cafe Steiner (on Gorkeho) - small but very nice little cafe.
    - Stopkova (on česka) - Czech beer pub - great ready-to-eat Czech food at very good prices (my fave - Svičkova 60kc).
    - Zemanova - airy and light functionalist style restaurant with a variety of choices.
    - Dobrá čajovna - tea house tucked away in a little area off of Masarykova. (It seems the best places are always kind of difficult to find - this one is worth it.)

    You can get addresses and street names for these and others at the Brno city website: ... &nav03=101
  3. ZippyChatter

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    Hi There !

    We are a couple of Englanders living in Ceske Budjivice which is not too far from you !

    Can not help you with Bruno but if you come down to south Bohemia we can give you a tour :D

    386382327 or 77658175

    Ciao !
  4. brook

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    Oh yeah - I know there is a buddy system through some of the universities in Prague - there may be something similar in Brno. Check with the International Office at Masaryk University to see if you can meet up with Czech students -

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