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    My grandfather's last name is Sklenka. He lived with his wife Margita in the Slovak region of Nova Bana. They had 2 sons, Stefan Jr., and Gustav. Stefan Jr, born in the early 1930's (1934 I believe)..Gusta was several years younger. Both grandparents I believe died late 70's. In any case, Grandfater had an illigimate son who was named Stefan as well. I am trying to find out his is a long shot. He would be my half uncle. I would place him to be in his 60's.

    I don't suppose hospital records are available on the internet.
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    Sorry, I just found this old post today. I did a quick look in the online phonebook, and found a Štefan Sklenka in Zlaté Moravce, which is within about 20km of Nová Baňa.
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    Hi Sova

    Oh my goodness, thank you so much. What a coincidence, I just signed out of the forum and today was the first time I checked the forum since I registered.

    Would this on line phone book have an address for Stefan or phone number? Or can you send me a link to this phone book, I ll look it up.

    Thank you. Slavka
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    It could be problem for somebody who has no knowledge of Slovak. The address is:

    Sklenka Štefan      (surname, first name)
    Nitrianska 5           (street, house number)
    Zlaté Moravce 1     (town, district number)
    953 01                    (zip code)
    Slovakia                 (country) 
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    Mockrat dekuji.

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    Sorry, I figured "adresa" and "tel." would be understandable. I didn't think about the zip code (Zoznam didn't give that info).

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