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  1. dzurisova

    dzurisova Well-Known Member

    What is Skype, is it a way to call CR without much cost?
  2. eso

    eso Well-Known Member

    Skype is system for telephoning through internet. I believe, that if you call from internet to internet, it's free, but I'm not sure.

    More here:
  3. czechchris

    czechchris Well-Known Member

    computer to computer via Skype is free for chat, telephone (i.e. speech) and video calls.
    You can dial out to telephone numbers from your computer for a fee (usually less than normal charges) and send cheaper sms from your computer.
    Skype is free to download, too.
  4. BMoody

    BMoody Well-Known Member

    Skype is awsome. Let's start out with that.

    Second off, my Czech girlfriend always uses skype to call her family by Melnik. We live in Las Vegas, Nevada and it only costs .021 euro per minute to call. You buy skype credit via the skype website and using your screen name and password you login to the skype program you would have downloaded. Then, using a headset with a microphone, you can literally call someone's cell phone in Afghanistan! Skype connects your computer to computer servers in the Czech Republic, or anywhere else you call, and literally locally dials the person you are calling. Hence, skype only charges a little bit more than what the local rate is.

    Pretty cool huh? I highly recommend skype. It has been a lifesaver for keeping in touch with my Euro friends.
  5. BrianMoylan

    BrianMoylan Member

    I agree with BMoody. Skype is terrific. I use it to make International business calls and call friends in Europe all the time. I will be in Prague next week and will be calling my sons for FREE.
    I bought each of us a webcam so I can see them while talking to them. I got them a hands-free set, Linksys CIT200 and it works all around the house, just like a regular phone. I use a headset with mic for my laptop while I am traveling.
    Get Skype. There are over 8 million users.
  6. iamonthenet

    iamonthenet Member

    Skype voice quality is better than my AT&T landline phone. WAY BETTER
  7. Polednikova

    Polednikova Well-Known Member

    I agree with everyone else. I can't now remember signing up for it but I do remember it being very simple - and I'm not very techie. But just read the instructions carefully because my friend in the UK somehow managed to sign up for something that cost her money by mistake - I've no idea what she did and neither has she and it took her ages to unpick it!

    I use it to call my relatives in Australia - amazing that it's free, Skype-user to Skype-user. Has anyone bought a handset so you can use it like an 'ordinary' 'phone? (Sorry, Brian, I've just re-read your posting, where you say you have. Will serious think about it getting one.)
  8. finn

    finn Active Member

    Someone should say that there are also serious reasons why NOT to use skype:

    1. It's protocol is proprietary and secret - no one knows what data it sends (except the authors, of course), there is no standard.
    2. It's controlled by one company - do I have to explain what it means?
    3. If you have a public IP address and if your skype client is running, it can be used as an intermediate node for other skype clients running on a computers without public IP address. Result? Your internet connection and your computer can be used by someone else. See Skype End User License Agreement, Article 4.

    So, I'd rather suggest to use some standardized technology, such as SIP or IAX.
  9. fabik317

    fabik317 Well-Known Member

    your bandwidth is used for calls anywhere within the skype network (not all the time but any time it's needed), no matter whether the ip address of the remote client in question is public or not.

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