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  1. DanielZ

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    Normally I would be able to write this in Czech fine, but because it is technical my translation may come out strange.

    Here's the problem. I had a Czech friend e-mail me a road map and directions to their home in South Bohemia, but, the attachment of the map was compressed, and I have no idea how to open it.

    So, I need to write them in Czech and say:

    "Please send the file of the road map, or directions, as they are. Simply attach them or insert them. Do not compress the file, because I am not able to open your compressed files. If you can, send it to me as a PDF file."

    Many thanks ahead of time,
  2. Karel_lerak

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    "Prosím, pošli soubor s mapou nebo pokyny tak jak jsou. Jednoduše je přilož nebo vlož (do mailu). Nekomprimuj soubor, protože já tvůj zkomprimovaný soubor nemohu otevřít. Pokud můžeš, pošli mi soubor jako PDF."
    or less familiar:
    "Prosím, pošlete soubor s mapou nebo pokyny tak jak jsou. Jednoduše je přiložte nebo vložte (do mailu). Nekomprimujte soubor, protože já váš zkomprimovaný soubor nemohu otevřít. Pokud můžete, pošlete mi soubor jako PDF."
  3. DanielZ

    DanielZ Well-Known Member


    Thank you very much. I greatly appreciate your help.

    My friend is a close friend so I will use the familiar.


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