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    could anyone give me some simple advice, how does the social security system work in Czech Rep. for expats who come from other EU-countries.

    Me and my partner are planning to moving in the future to Czech, and I am wondering how it will go if we have kids / we will have kids at that time.

    I found following info:
    "Monetary aid in maternity is paid out to a woman employee if she had been a sickness insurance policyholder for at least 270 days in the last two years before she gave birth (this period also includes previous periods in the last two years before she gave birth, in which the woman received sickness benefits or monetary aid in maternity or was a policyholder in sickness insurance of self-employers or was registered with the register of job-seekers in the Czech Republic etc.)"

    So if I move to Czech Rep. when I am pregnant or will get pregnant soon after my arrival, am I not entitled to any monetary aid when having a baby? Of course my partner will work, but I would like to know am I entitled to some social security. I am working at the moment and paying social security to another EU-country. Does anyone know do they count this?

    I've understood that they try to make EU as one big area where you're entitled to social security even when changing location between countries, but I am not sure how this actually goes...

    I am happy for all the direct tips as well as some links to web pages that might help!!!
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    Hi later....

    From my own experience, the EU health card works, at least in some
    cases. We were traveling in Germany and needed some simple
    (one visit) medical help. With the health card issued in CR (with EU logo)
    we just paid copay 10 € same as locals.

    Here is lot of links:

    but you want to be sure, sooner then later :) and so the best way
    is to ask at the hopital in the city in which you will live
    Here is reference for Brno -- in English

    Information for Foreigners

    Foreigners who stay in the Czech Republic on the basis of a visa of more than 90 days may take out long-term contractual health insurance (in case of a longer stay, more than 365 days). More detailed information can be found in the information manual for foreigners ”Guide to Health Care in the Czech Republic” which may be obtained from the Information Center staff in the following languages – English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

    I believe that such insurance is required (unless you have job waiting,
    in which case employer pays it) or your husband insurance covers you

    read this ... insurance/

    In particular = You want the baby to be covered too
    For more information on this issue, see Act no. 94/1963 Coll., on Family, as amended (see the related links).

    Payment of Health Care Provided in Relation to the Child‘s Birth

    Having been admitted in a maternity hospital, the pregnant foreigner (without permanent residence in the Czech Republic) is required to pay a deposit to the maternity hospital (in order to cover the costs incurred in relation to the birth). If the mother has a long-term health insurance policy and was not pregnant at the time of the first medical examination, the costs of the delivery will be covered from the insurance policy. If the mother has a long-term health insurance policy and is pregnant at the time of the first medical examination, she will have to pay higher premiums (for more information, call the hotline of the Czech General Health Insurer (VZP ČR), tel: 221 752 175).

    If the foreign mother has been granted permanent residence in the Czech Republic or is an asylum seeker or has been granted asylum or a tolerance visa, the maternity hospital will not require her to pay the deposit, as she is a policyholder within the system of public health insurance.

    Health Insurance of Foreigners‘ Children ....

    Actually, best source of info is the future employer of your husband.
    They should pay for insurance which covers the whole family

    ..... I think :)

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