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    These eateries are in the neighbourhood of Municipal Hall, Powder Tower.
    If you want to eat inexpensively where locals or students eat and don't want to miss anything, you have to read this whole section (way way back) and make a list of Czech dishes in Czech (together with your English description so you remember what it is). Take this list with you and just take it dish after dish as you discover ordinary eateries. They don't have menu in English and staff there don't speak English either. You need to show them your list and point at one dish. Also write down "pivo" if you are interested in beer (must with Czech meals). If you read this Food and Drink section, you will also discover different kinds of beer to try. AND of course so many places to eat what other members here recommend.

    Municipal Hall has exquisite restaurant and caffe, not that great for food, and it would be classified as "for tourists", but worth to see absolutely beautiful Art Noveau architecture. Coffee and pastry would be treat in such a surroundings. Or you can just come in and look around (on both sides Caffe and Restaurant). They also have tours through the Municipal Hall - for 150 Kc. very beautiful.

    If you are looking for inexpensive eateries and have your list of meals with you, you can try well know eatery/in Czech called Automat, which is called "U Rozvarilu", lots of inexpensive Czech dishes and good beer. You ask for what you want (or pint to your list) at the counter and then pay cashier and take your meal to the high table with high stool. In old times these tables were used for eating while standing. This is typical Automat (Czech version of "fast food" but Czech traditional meals) ... quickly dissapearing as renovations into expensive restaurants are taking over.

    Another important place to "eat in" is Svetozor (walking up on Wenceslau square (Vaclavske namesti, turn first street on right side, continue on righ and find passage into building. There you will find the mos popular ice cream shop. They have large selection of ice cream dishes all worth having. Each is under 100 Kc. In Czech it is called "Pohar" (i.e. large vessel) and I consider it ice cream meal. Pohars are all kinds of combinations of fruit, sauces, liquers, ice cream and whip cream. You can either chose them by name (from menu on the board) or you can just go ahead and keep pointing at what you want lady to add to your ice cream. Simply divine! They also have excellent cakes. Place is so popular that till not very long time ago there was sort of uncomfortable perch to sit on(like for bird to sit on) at the tables/instead of chairs, to discourage people to sit there for long. Chairs replaced it now. Place is busy and you have to pay for your food and find yourself seat.

    U Rozvarilu can be found across department store Bila Labut. You can walk there from Municipal Hall. With your back to cross the street and take street ahead towards your left (it has Metro at the beginning). You just continue on this street. There is few local restaurants which are not bad, also in basement of Bila Labut is grocery store and on the top floor self serve restaurant reasonably priced (toilet costs 3 Kc).

    Across Bila Labut is U Rozvarilu. Just next block on same side as Bila Labut, there is another restaurant which has fixed full lunch menu (besides other dishes). I think meal with soup and desert is cca 100 Kc.
    This is normal price for ordinary Czech meal (NOT in tourists type of restaurants!!!). You need your list.

    As you walk through the town, you can discover other places. Menu is usually hanging on side of the entrance so you can check it out before you go in.

    Another very good one is Ceska Koruna...of which I wrote in one of my previous posts in this section.

    Perhaps others can suggest other "regular, local" eateries.

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