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Discussion in 'General Language' started by Anke, Jun 4, 2006.

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    I'm currently writing my thesis about German-Czech comparative phonetics. Does anyone know where I can find (scientifically proven) information about Czech speech tempo (compared to other languages). i figured out that Czech must be spoken faster than German as there are fewer reductions but I can't prove it.
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    Generally, I'm sure you're right. I have the same impression. Though, it'll be very hard to prove since people speak in an individual tempo which differs with what you in German call 'Laune' and all sorts of other circumstances. It would be very hard to prove.

    Why don't you call it a tentative observation, research wont move on unless people make their own conclusions...
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    Hello Mravenec,

    yes, you're totally right - speech tempo also depends on personality, situation and other components. But I thought there might be some research on general/average speech tempo.
    Thanks anyway,

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    One researcher who has an interest in speech rates, especially with respect to Czech, is Jana Dankovicova from University College London. She has written several papers on the subject:


    Hope this helps.

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