Studying Tourism in Czech Republic

Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by Calinë, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. Calinë

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    I m a student of Tourism and I m really interested in studying Tourism in CZ. I would love to study in Plzen or in Prague....althought Plzen would be fantastic because my Czech friends study there.
    So....does anyone has any informations at all how is in Plzen with College for Tourism....I dont even kwno where can I find some informations. Because I will have to arrange everything by my self because our school has a program socrates erasmus but they are not offering exchange in CZ.
  2. magan

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    I can see that nobody is answering you. CR is not exactly good example of cusomer/tourism relations. The main reason is that after many years of Communism there are not good basis for it. Perhaps in the next generation it will be satisfactory, however, all experience/learning is still coming from West. If you want to learn bad habbits go ahead, but I would really suggest that you seek other Western country for improving your knowledge in tourist and getting it first hand. Sorry for being so straight-forward, but I am talking from personal experience of my two year teaching of "tourism" in CR.

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