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  1. padraig

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    Can anyone give me some detailed directions to the Tesco supermarket at Andel? I am told it is cheaper than the one in Narodni. Or can anyone give me directions to a well stocked reasonably priced market on the 22 route?
  2. eso

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    Tesco on Andel is near Andel metro or tram stop.

    Here is the map:

    Name of the building is Nový Smíchov, it's big shopping gallery and Tesco is on second floor (I think).

  3. padraig

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    That's great! I'll certainly give it a try and let you know what I think.
  4. Polednikova

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    B line to Anděl. If you've come from the direction of Černý Most, you get off the metro, turn left and out up the escalators. (Or you can get the number 9 tram - direction Řepy ie from the tram stop outside Národní Třída metro/Tesco - to the same place, plus several others.)

    Once you're outside, walk straight on to the cross roads, turn left, cross the road and you're right outside the big shopping centre, you can't miss it. Tesco is inside, on the left hand side.

    Or on the 22 route, you can go to the Tesco in the Eden shopping centre. Get off at Slavia, the stop before the terminus, Kubánské náměstí. This is my favourite Tesco because the head office is based there and so it's where the directors will shop, and where they will take visitors, and therefore it tends to be better stocked and staffed than the others.

    Both of these are definitely cheaper, and have much bigger food departments than the NT Tesco. But a few months ago, we got two new Alberts near to where I live, including the one at Florenc on the B/C line. I now usually go there and I've found I'm spending quite a lot less. Whether this is because Albert is cheaper than Tesco or whether they don't stock as many 'discretionary' items that I end up buying but don't really need, I'm not sure!

    Bet you're sorry you asked now, aren't you?!
  5. Polednikova

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    Why didn't I think of that, Eso? :oops:
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  7. padraig

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    Thanks again for all that detailed information, Polednikova.
    I am certainly not going tp be lost for choice!

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