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Discussion in 'Looking for Ancestors' started by Kimm, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. Kimm

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    :D Hello,

    My Grandfather was from Prague, and his last name was "Polachek". I was wondering if anyone could tell me the meaning to this surname or if there is any? Any information is greatly apperciated. Thank-You Kimm
  2. Zeisig

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    Poláček (Cz. spelling) is a diminutive form from Polák (= Pole) and means a little Pole or the lesser Pole (of two Poláks/Poles in a village).
  3. Karel Fous

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    The name could mean also a man who came from Poland. This is very kind of origin is very common for names in Jewish community. Becasue they have to traveled a lot because imperial laws, people indicate them by place of origin or place they came from. When Jews had to choose the fixed name at end of 18. century, they very often choose this "nickname" for a permanent family name ( Prager from Prag/Praha, Elbogen from Elbogen/Loket, Kollinsky from Köln/Kolín etc.)
    Karel :)
  4. Kimm

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    :D Hey I just wanted to thank-you both for the information. I really apperciate you taking time to answer my question. Thanks so much Kimm

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