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  1. riso

    riso New Member

    Hi, i must be the millionth person with a translation request but it's only 3 lines long... :-/ it's from a girl i dated this summer but she had to leave my country for good today, she left this message in my e-mail (she speaks english and french but somehow she wrote this in CZ...)?
    any help appreciated...

    ahoj Riso,

    kdyz budes cist tento dopis, budu uz v letadle nebo dokonce v Praze. Mej se blaze. Opatruj se!

    Tvoje navzdy jedina
  2. Luciaviolin

    Luciaviolin Member

    "when you read this letter, I'll be in the plane or already in Prague. Be well. Take good care of yourself!
    Only Yours forever"
  3. riso

    riso New Member

    ... this is so sad... :(

    thank you very much, i really appreciate this...


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