Tai Chi Practise in the Park at Letna, Prague

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    The Taiji practise with Paul Renall (New Zealand) in the park at Letna.
    The practise is now almost every evening MO - FR 18.00-19.30.
    The fee for the evening practise is 500 Kc for 1 month.
    The month fee is starting from the day that it is paid (not just for the calender month).
    People can try the first class for free.

    The morning practise MO-FR 8.00-9.30 is for free.

    Be aware that morning and evening trainings are both at Letna park but at slightly different locations.

    The trainings are open to everybody. (With or without experience.)

    Video of Paul teaching Tai Chi :

    More about Tai Chi in the park :

    The Taiji School will run another free tea tasting evening with high quality Oolong Tea from Taiwan on the 13th May at 18.00.

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