Taiji (Tai Chi) regular classes in Prague in English

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  1. Yvan

    Yvan Well-Known Member

    Taiji regular classes both in English and Czech - an opportunity to explore the harmony within all movement.

    What I tell you is mine; what you experience is your own.

    The course includes Master Huang's 5 relaxing exercises, an introduction to 37 movements of the Chen Man-Ch’ing’s short form (Yang style) and basic exercises with partners (taiji tuishou).

    The primary focus is on relaxation, coordination, joint mobility, leg strength and developing an awareness of upright posture and movement.

    Classes are once a week:
    WEDNESDAY 18.00-19.30.

    20th September 2006.

    JABOK, Salmovska 8, Praha 2 (between Karlovo namesti a I.P.Pavlova).
    The door is opened with an number code which I can send you on demand.

    Contact : taiji@cbox.cz
  2. vlastabednar

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  3. Yvan

    Yvan Well-Known Member

    My taiji classes are still open to newcomers...
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  5. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    Ok guys, I see that the Tai Chi war is on... Please keep in mind that these boards are not meant to be used for advertising, especially if you're promoting your own services including paid classes. Please revisit our Posting Guidelines.

    We'll make an annoucement on the boards if we decide to bring our event calendar back.


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