"Take Alois on the bike" aka Czech books in MP3

Discussion in 'Grammar & Pronunciation' started by MK, Sep 26, 2008.

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    What a wonderful resource. Thanks for letting us know about it. The narrator's voice in "Babička" is very clear.Unfortunately my Czech isn't quite good enough to follow the story. I think I'll have to get the book, so I can read along with it.

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    just took a look at the site, but .pls extensions won't play on window's media player. What media player are other folk using to access this material, please?
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    According to wikipedia"

    iTunes, Winamp, VLC media player and Foobar play PLS files without any extra codecs required.
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    Thanks, Jen. Also got it on Realplayer. :D
    It really is a good resource.
  6. MK

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