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Discussion in 'General Language' started by TheDesertFox, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. TheDesertFox

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    I'm an American whose great grandparents moved from the area over 100 years ago. With that said, I have a few questions about the Czech Republic

    1 - Is it possible for Americans with no knowledge of the Czech language to teach English there?

    2 - Is it true the Czech Republic is a very atheist nation? If so, score to the max. America is way too religious, and I'd love to live and teach in a more enlightened country. Is the Czech Republic pretty socially open, too? Is it pretty herb-friendly?

  2. durk

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    herb-friendly :roll:

    Yes it is pretty atheist, and also socially-open. Of course not everyone is the same and you should come to see for yourself for a holiday before deciding to live here. I did so and loved it, so I came here.
  3. Eleshar

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    1) It is possible. I study the Faculty of the arts and philosophy in Prague and first semestre, I had an English lecturer who could not say a word in Czech.

    2) First lesson, this American lecturer told us that he was raised in rigorous christian school and that was why he was then in Czech republic, one of the most atheist countries in Europe...

    Herb-friendly... not sure whether know what it means... but it insinuates something that is still illegal here. Although the opinion of the (especially young) people is very liberal about it, there are pubs where they throw you away if they smell the particular odour... Not sure, myself, I am not supporter of this.
  4. dzurisova

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    I thought it was legal to possess/use a small amount but illegal to sell?
  5. fabik317

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    It is a crime to possess "greater-than-small amount" or to sell/distribute it. Possession/use of a small or "lesser-than-small" amount is a misdemeanor (still technically illegal). The definition of a "small amount" depends on whatever part of the powers that be is in charge at any given moment (the police, courts, attorney general etc.).
    In practice, if you are obviously above 18 and share a joint with your obviously-above-18 friends in a place where it doesn't harm anyone (such as a quiet public park, your front porch and so on) the cops won't even bother questioning you. Just don't be too obvious about it and make sure there are no underage persons involved.

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