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Discussion in 'General Language' started by Kenny Trcka, Mar 17, 2002.

  1. Kenny Trcka

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    I just wanted to thank you Dana for helping me with my Czech, you are a very kind person. The thing is that my granfather was a Czech immigrant here in Bolivia, South America, but he married a Bolivian woman so he couldn´t pass his Czech language on to his descendants. However, now I´m trying to learn it and I´m doing well because I really love languages and I know that soon I´m going to be able to e-mail you directly in Czech. By the way, if you ever hear about my relatives in the Czech Republic, please let me know or have them e-mail me. They can do it in Czech, no problem, because I can read Czech with the help of a dictionary. My grandfather's name was Michal Trcka and my granduncle's name was Vaclav Trcka. (Sorry, this keyboard isn't Czech so I don't know how to type the "sign" above the letter "c"). They were moravian, I guess they lived in Brno. Maybe my relatives still live there. Also, if you know anything about my last name, Trcka, or my ancestors, please let me know. Well, thank you very much again.

    P.S. Please, don't get offended but let me tell you that you are beautiful. And I'm not going to say it again, otherwise your husband might get angry with me (laughs). Bye.
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    Kenny, if you go to and click on Telefonni seznam, you can search the phone book for people with your last name living in Brno. You can then call them or send them a letter to ask them if they're related to you.

    If you have Windows, you should be able to add a Czech character set to your keyboard. To do that, click on Start (bottom left corner of your screen) - Settings - Control Panel - Keyboard - Language - Add... and select Czech.

    I'm glad you're doing well with your Czech. And thanks for the compliment! :)

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