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    I don't think the majority of Czech people became atheist until the influence of Communism. Some Czechs still kept their religion but were persecuted for it. For instance, you couldn't teach at school if you were seen going to church.

    Enjoy České Budějovice. My husband is from there and that is where we spend our time in the CR. Be sure to drink the original Budweiser. It's from there and according to my husband, it's the best beer there is. I personally think Americans make the best beer. My husband shakes his head thinking my crazy, but he's happy I like it when it comes time to pay. Domestic is much easier on the pocket book. :D
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    Even though I have come to find out that my ancestors from Bohemia may/may not be multi-culti themselves; I have noticed in old black and white or redish brown photos all these people have beautiful eyes. Even the men seem to have rather long eyelashes! They all seem to have different color variations. Some of this can be attributed to old style photography. Some of them have very pale eyes while others have very dark eyes and in between. My g grandma had almost ice blue eyes w/ a gorgeous shape as did her mother and my mother, me and my grandma. Most of the family thinks that my g grandmothers eye color can be attributed to her Danish father. I don't know :roll: ! My mother and I have darker blue eyes. We all have long eyelashes. None of us need eye makeup. All the women in the family and ancestry have a nose like RavenFighter04, except grandma. Her father was German but her nose doesn't look German, maybe Danish. We all have sinus problems and allergies.

    Bye 4 Now
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    [/img] ... e=572D1109

    Where do you think i come from by appearance? A lot of people told me that i look like someone from northern europe but im not sure. What do you think? I just need to know it. (just copy the link to your browser or click to the link)
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    I should say you are of the Alpine type of the Caucasoid race, however the Nordic type is also possible.

    The Alpine race is predominant in France, Switzerland, northern Italy, southern Germany (Bavaria), Austria, Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia, ... nothing very special.

    So there is a possibility you are by origin from the Czech Republic (formerly the Bohemian Kingdom, Austria-Hungary).

    There are some genealogical DNA tests. Results give you information about genealogy or ancestry.
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    So I'm years late but so were some other people. Maybe someone will see this, idk..
    In my pfp you can sort of see me but I'll post a pic from this morning. My eyes look bigger than normal bc I have mascara on but zero makeup other than that. I feel you can see my cheekbones and jawline fairly well. The light is from directly above + a tiny lamp in front of and below me (if anyone cares, just bc of shadowing).
    I'm == parts Slavic (Czech/Hungarian) & Irish. (The tip of my nose is exactly like my g gma's and her last name was Sullivan so, yeah, v Irish, but I feel it's longer ... at least longer than I'd like lol so maybe that is a bit of the Slavik,... idk)
    I do know there's some Italian in my bloodline but then I don't remember the other parts bc they're so small.
    I know all of this bc of my family, ofc, plus I did 23&Me for a lupus trial they were doing that I was able to be a part of and I received results (and still do as they update) just as a customer would.
    Anyway, I'm uploading the picture now:) 20200614_153238.jpg

    So idk if I look Czech, but I'm told I do , w the eyes, cheekbones, longer chin and high forehead, and jawline.
    Just another pic in case someone is interested or wants to tell me I look like smth else lol I'm fine w that!

    Cheers to all and stay safe!
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    Hi Amy Catherine, I think you could easily pass for a Czech. :)

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