The good and bad on where you currently reside

Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by geauxboy, Feb 2, 2007.

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    I have inquired from people on this board to give me the scoop on life in the Czech Rep. Some give the good, some give the bad. I really have a deep desire to move to Europe. Where? That's still up in the air. My girlfriend is Italian and I am a decendant from France. Germany, Czech Rep and Italy are the highest on my list.

    What I would like from everyone here is to tell me a bit about where you live. The ups/down, good/bad, positive/negatives. Taxes, groceries, pollution, politics (which is never good IMO), whatever. It's best to hear it from someone who lives it every day. If possible, to make it easier to decipher, I hope that we can format our posts in a way that will make it easier for someone to locate a particular country/city/town better. I suggest this way.

    Country/city/town. Put the name of the place where you live in bold and at the begining of the post so it will be much easier to see where you are referring to. Then, if you feel so inclined, seperate the pros and cons in the same manner. If you don't want to divide them, so be it.

    Pro blah blah blah

    Con blah blah blah

    I know it seems a bit tideous, but it would make for easier reading rather than reading the ramblings of a LONG post to find out that they were referring to a place that doesn't interest you. I am focusing on Europe, but if you want to add any other place in the world, feel free because nothing is written in stone for me yet. This thread could benefit just about anyone who comes on this board, not just me. .......and.......GO!

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