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    I found no bad customer service in Prague. Sure the people were not warm and effusive like here in the South, but they were polite. A really good place to make sure you will get adequate customer service and find Czech made goods only is on Golden Lane at the castle. You have to have an admission ticket to shop there though, which is part of the castle admission (worth doing).

    My daughter just got back after living in Prague for a short time. When I visited her, we went to a really good glass shop in Old Town just off of the bridge. I cannot remember the name of it , but it is next to a store called Sanu Baba. They have very high quality, Czech pieces. When my daughter returned to the store several weeks later, the lady recognized her and was quite friendly.

    I think the Praguers get a bad deal. I found them all quite nice. I miss being there so much.

    There are some stores that are alledgedely run by the Russian mob in an arcade along the Vlatva, just off of Charles Bridge. They don't usually sell Czech made goods.

    If you like the art of Alphonse Mucha, go to the museum for the gift shop there.

    The most tourist trap places are located in Old Town and on Wenceslas square, but there are still some good places there. You will know you are not in a Czech owned shop if you get the hard-sell.

    Neruda Street is also known for good shopping.

    Have a great time.
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    I thank you so much for all the advice and suggestions! Have a great summer!

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