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Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by Leah, May 16, 2005.

  1. Leah

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    well, I have 1 yr of school left and I need to start making some decisions concerning what to do when I'm done - Since I always have studied/lived in Prague when I am in the CZ, I had kinda assumed that that was where I wanted to relocate. But, now I am starting to think about some of the smaller cities...

    I am interested in anyone's general opinion about living in Plsen or Brno, and perhaps the job offerings available - with an MA in applied English lingusitics, I obviously can teach ESL/EFL, but that is not necessarily set in stone either.. Despite my various attempts, I don't speak Czech at any adequate level, but that is one of my main objectives for moving - for me to learn Czech for furthering my studies (also I want my son to learn a 2nd lang)

    I just realized that having said this, I am not primarily concerned with the job input...I am more interested in what family-stuff there is to do, schools, etc Also, is there any type of English-expat communities in these smaller cities? (I am becoming more and more interested in the interaction between English and Czech)

    I think that's it -
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    Hi there,
    I've been living in Olomouc since the end of February now and I love it here. It is a city of about 100,000 people. When I came here I didn't know anyone. I was pretty slow-going to find and meet more expats, but now I know a fair number of folks. My Czech is passable, but I'm still working to improve. It is no a bad thing, but people here seem a little more reserved. I've had much more success meeting people through other people vs trying to meet people on my own.

    There are tons of things to do. There are very few tourists here, which I think is a major advantage over Prague. I live in prague for a month when I first got here, and I have to say that I like it here much more. This town must be a secret or something. I'm told it has the second most historical sites after Prague. There are 6 fountains, a few monuments, and a bunch of old churches. It seems like there is something going on in the town square every weekend.

    In my own effort to contact other English speaking people here and find things to do, I put up a forum site just for Olomouc. It is still brand new so there is not much content there yet, but I hope for that to change quickly!!!
  3. magan

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    Congratulations on your new website. Hope it takes off and you find more English speaking people.

    I also hope that you consider opening sections for visitors of Olomouc. It would help a lot if they could find some good tips on what to see, eat and do there. Perhaps how to get there from Prague, how to get from the bus/train station. Some reasonable but clean accommodation etc. etc. Just everything you would love to know on your adventure trips. Information and ideas are always so much better from someone actually living in the place.

    Good luck
  4. Leah

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    Thanks for lending some insight into your experience, Aaron, and good luck on your website

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