Top Czech Restaurants 2005.

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  1. Zeisig

    Zeisig Well-Known Member

    According to:

    1. Allegro, Hotel Four Season, Veleslavínova 2A, Praha 1

    2. Hotel Radisson SAS Alcron, Štěpánská 40, Praha 1

    3. Le Terroir, Vejvodova 1, Praha 1

    4. Francouzská restaurace, Obecní dům, nám. Republiky 5, Praha 1

    5. La Rotonde, Hotel Radisson SAS Alcron, Štěpánská 40, Praha 1

    6. Aromi, Mánesova 78, Praha 2

    7. Ambiente Brasileiro, U radnice 8, Praha 1

    8. U kastelána, Kotlářská 51A, Brno

    9. Středověká krčma, Dětenice 7

    10. Kampa Fish, U lužického semináře 42, Praha 1
  2. Sova

    Sova Well-Known Member

    I wonder if these results are skewed toward Prague because of their exposure to more people (particularly tourists), or because their food/atmosphere is really better. Hmmm....

    P.S. Thanks for the info and links!
  3. andyml

    andyml Member

    By what criteria that restaurants are "top" ? By price ? :)
  4. aminpraha

    aminpraha Member

    I think definitely, mostly by price :)

    I can only comment on 3 on the list.

    Allegro, definitely pricey, but the food was excellent, atmosphere excellet, service excellent, and some of the best desserts around.

    Aromi, pricy, but not as much as Allegro, depending on your wine consumption, average cost of 1,000 czk per person, of course less with less wine :wink: The food is good, atmosphere is good, and although the wait staff is very nice and friendly, the service is not always top notch, sometimes delays, sometimes forgotten side orders. Like I said, the staff is very friendly, so hard to get upset, but the lack of attention to some details is frustrating.

    Ambiente Brasileiro - oops, just realized my experince was the Ambiente Braseiro at Slovansky dum - but this was quite the experience - a different twist on buffet style eating - starters, salads, side dishes, etc. are served buffet style, select what you wish, however, the meat is served fresh off the fire spit on skewers, waiters come around with different meats and carve off slices directly on your plate. The selection is great and very tasty, although I passed on the chicken hearts :? I found this place the most delightful, formal enough for a nice dinner, but casual enough to have a fun time with a unique dining experience. The waiters serving the meats were quite nice and fun, chatting with patrons and adding to a pleasant experience.
  5. atyka

    atyka Well-Known Member

    that's interesting... my perm adress is in Dětenice :) 710 in total have this privilege :) well, people sometimes complain about the personnel :/ and the management approach... that's bad

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