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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by devo, Mar 4, 2005.

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    hey everyone,
    A friend and I will be travelling to Czech in May. From Brno, we are going to see the World Hockey Championships in Vienna on May 14th 2005 (saturday). We would like to take a train to Vienna to watch the game and come back to Brno that same day.
    I need to know how often trains from Brno to Vienna and from Vienna to Brno are in service. What are the average times that a train would leave Brno to Vienna on a saturday morning or early afternoon? Also, what is the latest time that a train from Vienna to Brno will depart at night? We do not know if the game we are seeing will begin at 4:15pm or 8:15pm yet, so we might only be able to leave at 10:30pm which is the latest possible time the game would finish; so will we still be able to catch a train to Brno or is that too late? Also how much money will the train from Brno to Vienna and back to Brno in the same day cost approximately?

    Please help me figure this out as we are trying to finanlize our plans for our trip right now.
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    Just go to - everything except price is there. I guess one way will cost around 200.00 CZK, round trip tickets are usualy cheaper, so it might be 300.00 CZK for both ways.
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  4. devo

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    Thank you very much! Both websites are helping me very much, it is much appreciated.
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    In my experience, the Brno-Vienna run is about 500 Kc one way, or 20 Euro. I wouldn't expect a significant discount for a return ticket.

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