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    Would anyone kindly translate this information that I have received from the Archives in Kaden, I have asked for an English translation but I have had no reply from them, never the less, I am very pleased with the info they have given me.
    I can understand the * and + as Birth and Death and know that Abrtamy is now Abertham and have found it on a map. I believe “tovarnik” means Journeyman and they have three children, Paul, Angela and Peter and that’s about all.

    V evidenci obyvatel mesta Kadane jsme nasli tyto Vase predky:
    Ignatz Kolitsch, tovarnik (* 24.2. 1879 Abrtamy, + 13.5. 1926 Kadan)
    Marie, rozena Kowarik (* 22.8. 1880 Wien, + 27.2. 1934 Kadan)
    snatek: 1.7. 1905 Abrtamy, okres Nejdek
    prichod do Kadane: 5.10. 1922
    jejich deti:
    Paul (* 3.6. 1916 Praha Karlin) od 15.3. 1941 v Marianskych Laznich
    Angela (* 9.6. 1917 Praha Karlin) od 4.9. 1933 v Teplicich (v Cechach?)
    Peter (* 2.6. 1923 Kadan) od ? v Abrtamech
    Vase prababicka Elisabeth Kowarik v evidenci obyvatel mesta Kadane neni.

    Two other things I need to know are, I see the name Kowarik instead of Kowacek and wonder why it was changed !
    And, how would I find information about a small Leather Tannery factory in Abertham which my family owned before the 2nd. W. W.
    Thank You for reading this, sorry it was so long.
    John Guest.
  2. Jana

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    In the register of citizens of the town of Kadaň, we found the following ancestors of yours:
    married couple:
    Ignatz Kolitsch, owner of a factory (born 24 February 1879 in Abrtamy, deceased 13 May 1926 in Kadan)
    Marie, maiden surname Kowarik (born 22 August 1880 in Vienna, deceased 27 February 1934 in Kadaň)
    date of marriage: 1 July 1905 in Abrtamy, district Nejdek
    arrived to Kadaň: 5 October 1922
    their children:
    Paul (born 3 June 1916 in Praha Karlin) since 15.3. 1941 living in Mariánské Lázně
    Angela (born 9 June 1917 in Praha Karlin) since 4 September 1933 living in Teplice (v Čechách?)
    Peter (born 2 June 1923 in Kadaň) since ? living in Abrtamy
    In the register of citizens of the town of Kadaň, there is no evidence of your great-grandmother Elisabeth Kowarik.
  3. Jonboy

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    Greetings Jana and Thanks so much for taking your time to help me, it is a very hard job to find your roots when you cannot speak Czech or German. :cry:

    I Know there was a leather factory of some sort and I tried a electronic translation on the info but, got even more confused with the translation. I then tried single word "tovanik" and got "journeyman" for Ignatz Kolitch, - so it really means a factory owner then? that is great because the old stories match and I have a picture of Paul and Angela taken in Kaden ! :D
    Do you know of any reason why the spelling changed from my great grandmothers surname of Kowarik, to my grandmothers surname (on her birth cert. born in Vienna in 1897), to Kowacek ! Is Kowarik the Czech equivilant of Kowacek in German ?
    Once again, Many Thanks, John
  4. Jana

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    Továrník really means a factory owner (továrna = factory).
    As far as the confusion of Kowarik and Kowacek is concerned, I can think of one explanation, but there could be other reasons as well, I am sure. Both names - Kowarik and Kowacek (Kovařík and Kováček - in Czech spelling) mean a little blacksmith, so some immigration officer might change the suffix by mistake, either due to the handwriting in the documents or because of the language barrier - I do not suppose your ancestors spoke fluent English when they arrived to the US.
    Anyway, you got an interesting problem to solve and if you think I could help you, feel free to send me a private message or post a message here again. Good luck!
  5. Jonboy

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    Hi Jana,
    Thanks so much for all your help, it has helped a lot in my search. Still a long way to go though and I want to visit CZ next year to see the places I am learning about were were my ancesters once lived. Thanks again and if I get "stuck" again, I may just contact you for a little help. :lol:
    Best regards, John.

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