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    My favorite czech hockey players dyed their hair bright blonde for the Playoffs, so I thought it would be funny to make a sign that says something about their new hair color in czech. Can you help translate any of the following phrases:

    1. Nice Hair, Jonas & Vaclav!
    2. Love the hair, Jonas & Vaclav!
    3. Blonde is your color, Jonas & Vaclav!

    Please help me, I think it would be very funny and they would get a laugh out of it. :D
  2. Dana

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    1. Hezké vlasy, Jonáši a Václave!
    The sentence above is written in proper Czech. It may be more fun to use the colloquial expression "Hezký vlasy", which is not grammatically correct but would be used by most people in common speech.

    2. Líbí se mi vaše vlasy, Jonáši a Václave!
    This sounds a little weird in Czech. I'd stick with a variation of "nice hair" or "cool color" or something like that, e.g. "Super barva, Jonáši..."

    3. Blond je vaše barva, Jonáši a Václave!
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    Děkuji Dana!


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