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Discussion in 'General Language' started by kathysig2, May 29, 2008.

  1. kathysig2

    kathysig2 Member

    Would someone be so kind to translate this short note to my cousin in the Czech Republic. Thank you.

    Dear Jiri, Renatta and boys,

    I apologize for not answering your email sooner. We are fine and have been busy with home repairs. We will travel to Minnesota for Cort's birthday in June and to Missouri for a Sigdestad family reunion over the 4th of July (Independence Day). In July Sigdestad relatives from Norway will visit for 3 weeks. We will take them to visit relatives and see the sites in Missouri, Colorado, South Dakota and Minnesota.

    Do you plan any holidays this summer? How do you like your new work Jiri? Renatta how is your exercise business doing? What are the boys doing these days.

    I have been in contact with others who are researching ancestors from Suchdol. I received some data on the Mikl family which I have attached for your interest. There were Mikls and Kropiks who immigrated to the US - Chicago area. If you ever learn names of any other Mikl ancestors between Mariana Mikl and your grandparents I would love to have that information so I can include you in my tree.

    When you have time would you please take a closeup photo of the bike trail sign of Tri Facky. My picture is not clear enough to read It has the history of Tri Facky that I am interested in.

    My dumplings are not as good as Renatta's were- I guess it takes practice. I do make decent kolaches! Take care and keep in touch.

    Your cousin,
  2. zavorka

    zavorka Well-Known Member

    Drahy Jiri, Renatta a deti,

    promin te me ze jsem vam neodpovedel drive na mailu.
    Na'm je dobre a jsem meli co delat na opravovani domov.
    budem cestovat do Minnesota na Cortove narozeniny v cervnu (6th mesic)
    a pak do Missouri na setkani Sigdestad rodiny kolem/ za 4th cervence (Independence Day). v tom casu Sigdestad rodice z Norsku projedou na nastivit na tri tydny. Mi je budeme vozit nastivit rodinu a podivat se na Missouri, Colorado, South Dakota a Minnesota.
    planovali jste dovolenou v lete?
    Jiri, jak se ti liby nova prace? Renata, tvoje trenova'ny jak se ti vede?
    a deti, co delaj toutu dobu?
    Ja jsem mluvila s druhy rodiny ktere hledaly rodiny pokracovani, byli s
    Dostala jsem take spravy od Mikl rodinu ktere jsem vam posilam pro vase zajem.
    Mikls aa Kropiks prijely do US blysko Chicago.
    kdybych jste se dovedely me'na od druhe pribuzenstva Mikl rodiny mezi Mariana Mikl a vas deda y babicka, ja bych ra'da slisela informace abych je pridala do muj stromu

    Az budete mi't cas, prosim podiveite se na fotku s tou znackou na cestu pro kola od Tri Facky.
    Fotka neni dost jasna dokazet cist to co je na ni napsany,
    Dejiny od Tri Facky me moc zajimaj
    Moje testoviny nejsou tak dobre jako to co delala Renatta-
    Mislim ze to chce prakce. Ale delam dobre kola'ce!
    Mejte se dobre a piste.

    Hi, Kathy,
    my czech is quite old styled, and bad written,.
    bat if you are in a hurry to write a letter, please use this
  3. zavorka

    zavorka Well-Known Member


    neodpovedel-A drive na mailu.
    Na'm je dobre a jsem meli co delat na opravovani domov.
    budem cestovat do Minnesota na Cortove narozeniny v cervnu (6th mesic)
    a pak do Missouri na setkani Sigdestad rodiny kolem/ za 4th cervence (Independence Day). v tom casu Sigdestad rodice z Norsku projedou na-S nastivit

    write too fast and left some mistake...

  4. kathysig2

    kathysig2 Member

    Dear Miro,
    Thank you so much for the translation. I am sure it will be fine.
  5. zavorka

    zavorka Well-Known Member

    Hi Kathy,
    it is my pleasure,
    by the way,
    what is Tri Facky?
    in czech, it looks like a place named after a story of a fight,
    facka: to slap on the face, smack; box on the ear...
    is it so?
    well, don't bother if you do't know
    all the best
  6. kathysig2

    kathysig2 Member

    Tri Facky is a small suburb of Suchdol nad Luznici with about 6-8 farmhouses. It is located less than a mile outside the town. There is a bike trail sign explaining the name "Tri Facky" and I am trying to get Jiri to take a picture of it so I can have it translated.

  7. zavorka

    zavorka Well-Known Member

    then if you get it please let me know
    if I plan a trip there, I want to have a look also
    it is nice to get qcuainted with your place of origin
    and the family history
  8. kathysig2

    kathysig2 Member

    As I recall "Tri Facky" means Three Slaps. There was some dispute over ownership of the land with authorities and somebody got slapped. That is how the village got it's name. My grandmother was born and lived at Tri Facky/ Suchdol #115 until the age of 6 yrs when her family immigrated to the US. I have attached an image of the farmhouse #115 but I am not sure if you will be able to see it.

  9. zavorka

    zavorka Well-Known Member

    Nice picture,
    my family comes from Roudnice countryside, Bechlyn (if I remember)
    and it was always happy to go there with our mother remembering lots of stories and visiting related people (although it happens that good memories not always mean good relationships)
    we lived in those stays in Straskov-vodochody, at friends houses, and those stays were really exciting: farmers, with good foods, and even a wedding ceremony that was prolonged for three days (in 1975)
    we went there back in 2003, and saw again those friends after so many years, and the pictures of other weddings, nephews, life goes on.
    thank you

  10. morav

    morav New Member

    Hi Kathy,

    What is your last name?

    My grandfather (and his father, and his father) were born in Tri Facky #111, (Brezina/Krejci) and my great grandmother (and many before her) were born in Tri Facky #109 (Divoky). Please send me an email at


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