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    Hello again, I was wondering if somebody could give advice about the 'Prague Card'. I read about it in a guide book and it seems like the best option for me as I am going to be in Prague for just 3 days. However, does anyone know if I can buy this at the airport as I'll be getting the bus/tram to the hotel and am scared of getting ordinary bus/tram tickets as I haven't a clue how they work as they are only valid for a certain amount of time etc..ta for your help :)
  2. Yvan

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    you can look at :

    A. Short-term tickets
    24-hour ticket 80,- CZK
    3-day ticket (72 hours) 220,- CZK
    7-day ticket (168 hours) 280,- CZK
    15-day ticket (360 hours) 320,- CZK

    1 GBP = 43 CZK

    It's possible to buy it at the airport at Travel Information Centre :
    TIC - Ruzyně Airport, arrivals hall

    Open: Monday - Sunday: 07.00 a.m. - 22.00 p.m.
  3. magan

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    At the airport, you can also buy JUST regular three day (or more.)..transportation ticket. You punch it on your first ride (on the bus from airport)and there is no limitation till end of continuous 3 days. You might have found various prices on internet. Tickets for transportation went up in the summer.

    If you want to buy what is offered to tourists you can also buy it at the airport or at other places listed below:

    The Prague Card is a product that guarantees tourists many advantages. The card gives mainly free admission to 40 sights (museums, galleries and historical sights, e.g. National Museum, St. Vitus’ Cathedral). Together with the card tourists receive a 3-day ticket for Prague’s public transport system as well as a pocket guide in four languages (English, German, French and Italian).

    The card (for transportation) is valid for three days beginning on the day it is first stamped.

    Prague Card & Prague Passport

    The Prague Card & Prague Passport have been sold since August, 2004. The service package contains a discounted or free admission to many attractive places in Prague (e.g. Vyšehrad, Stefanik´s Observatory Petřín etc.); a 3 day ticket for Prague`s public transport system and Personal Injury Insurance.

    The price also includes a tour on a vintage tram and river cruise through Prague to Troja (from Sept. only on weekends!!!). Tourists also receive a map of Prague, tourist guides and a welcome present. If need be, the holders of the card have the possibility to call the emergency Prague Card/Generali help line.

    The Prague Card & Prague Passport are valid for a whole year, and are therefore particularly useful for repeat visits. It is possible to order the card via the internet or buy it directly at many Information Centres.

    The card is issued with the support of the Prague City Council.


    basic (including 3-day ticket for public transport).......1120 CZK / 35 EUR
    or you can buy admission ticket card + transportation card for as many days as you are there.


    is issued by s. r. o. for tourists. Prague card is valid for three days and it comes with a brochure in four languages. It can also be used as a ticket to at least 40 tourist spots in Prague (Prague Castle, B. Smetana Museum, Troja Chateau, The Zoo, Powder Tower and many more) as well as three day travel card (covering the underground, trams and buses).


    CSA Airtours (Prague Aiport Ruzyne, the luggage hall), Cedok (Na Prikopech 18), American Express (56 Wenceslas Square), Mondial (travel agency - Powder Tower 1), KMC Travel Service (K. Svetle 30), Interkontakt (Trìiätž 1), exchange office-underground station Holesovice.

    Please note: as I am not clear if admission card is really valid to be used whole one year, I will do some searching. If it is, it would be a great deal for those who are staying much longer. For 3 days, admission card is really just convenience, but not necessary good deal. Unless you know Prague, you would have a problem to find many places and in three days you want to spend considerable time outside, not in museums etc. Prague is fantastic city for walking and I would suggest you do some of that. You will love it. Architecture is amazing.
    Good luck.
  4. magan

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    Hi again,
    I have surfed around and prices listed on internet are so different from each other that I really don't know which one is right.
    In any case, considering lenght of time (3 days) I would suggest that you follow above advice of Yvan and buy 3 day regular transportation ticket. You can also pick up free transportation map available and yuou will be fine. As to entrance fee to cca 40 places, I have checked on that too and found that those you would want to see are either free or not included in those 40 listed under Prague Card. i.e. Prague castle: unless you are interested in smaller areas and galleries, castle area is free and also Catedral of Sv. Vaclava. Jewish museum/cemetery and other jewish historical places are NOT included in 40 listed. Also Old Town Citihall (Staromestska Radnice - Tower upstairs) is NOT included in listed 40. Historical clock - Orloj showing every full hour is free.

    All in all you would be well ahead to walk around and if you see something you cannot resist, buy admission ticket individually. Othervise you are not getting good deal and it is not convenience to have a card for addmission fees.

    I would also suggest that if you buy transportation ticket that you use it every time you get tired of walking. Just sit on the street car and let the world go by. I don't know where your accommodation will be, but if it is close to the center, you will not need much transportation and it could be even cheaper to buy it individually. If you are in the centre, you will probably need return tram ticket from airport, return tram ticket to Castle and it could be it. One way ticket is I think 20 Kc now *with tons of time to spare and not to worry). I am not spring chicken and if I would be there for 3 days only, I would walk the rest. You can get mittful of tickets to use at the airport.

    P.S. I still was not able to get confirmation of validity of one year for Admission Prague card. I checked on PIS web site and there isn't word about it....they say 3 days. In that case it would be highway robbery.

    I would appreciate comment from anybody who had personal experience with above. I would also want to know if they are checking identifications together with card at the entrance to those 40 listed places.
  5. Jeff

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    I agree with Magan's suggestion to remain flexible. There are a lot of places to see and things to do in Prague and it is hard to know where all you will want to go before arriving. I saw one site offering the Prague Card for 35 EUR, which is around 1050 Kč. Compare that to paying 220 Kč to get just the 3-day pass.

    Transport prices in Prague went up on July 1 with single tickets going up around 70% and passes going up around 10%. This makes the passes an even better deal. Prague is a great walking city, but a 3-day pass is a good deal and it is really convenient.

    The ticket prices have been updated on the Public Transportation Tickets, Fares and Schedules page on this site. :)
  6. katety

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    Thanks for all your advice - it has been invaluable. I am going to go with the 220 CKZ option as we want to walk around as much as possible anyway. I really can't wait to go (only 1 week!) and hopefully I will be a regular to Prague in the future (I'm attempting to learn basic czech now - aaargh!). Thanks again, all your advice has been fab, and I most probably would have been lost without it! xx
  7. magan

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    Have a great time! Don't forget to return to this web site and leave information for others. ie. about your accommodation what you went to see and other what you think might interest people like you.
    Thanks. And enjoy your stay!
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    If you buy an ordinary travel card ie 3 or 5 days, do you still have to pay extra for taking your luggage?
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  10. Qcumber

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    I paid 280K for a 7-day ticket for all public transports (metro, tram, bus). I bought it from the stand inside the concourse of the airport, a few steps from the arrival exit.
    You feed it once into the punching machine before you ride. The machine will print the date of the first day on it. They you keep it in your wallet. Very convenient.

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