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    We have a jewelry company that works with polished bead companies in Northern Bohemia and we are looking to take a trip to the region to visit them and some other new companies. I'm sure they'll have some direction, but can you make some suggestions on Hotels, restaurants, sight seeing in the region. There doesn't seem to be much out there about this area. Thanks!
  2. Karel_lerak

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    I suppose the area of your interest is around Jablonec, Železný Brod, Trutnov - just as an example the accomodation around Železný Brod.
    There is a nice part of the land "Český ráj" (Bohemian paradise) nearby.
  3. Viktor

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    During my visit in 2005, I stayed in the Merkur (Anenske Namesti)in Jablonec n/n -- the hotel is about 4 city blocks from the bus terminal. I nice stroll een in the rain. The accomodations were in a motel 6 cathegory, but they make the bes daily and even change the sheets every two day --even the elevator works (its a 8 story modern edifice) , in the lobby they have a bar as well caferia and restourant in the building --very rasonble as I remeber it was 700Kc for a double-- amd all the hot water, soap and towels you need at no extra charge. The town is a bit delapitated, and the only difference I noticed sine 1949 was that my grandparents house the roof was rotted out and abandoned. Our hous, all the rod iron balconies and fences were gone etc...time had it's toll -- Jablonec also has a jewelry museum that covers all the manufacturing from the 1800"s to present day --no need for a car, can walk everywhere, and if you want Liberec, it's a 30 minute --15Kc-- tram ride. I stayed for 10 days and had to problems going anywhere thru the area even to the Polish border for less that 50Kc one way. Joblonec is where the "shmuk" indistry(custom jewelry) began in Europe, You name it they made it, even blown galss, "filter masjs and purses" , on and on--if you are in the business, that is a plce to see how its done and "ideas" for your own creation--English is very scarce, but some remnants of German are still around with the elderly, it is only a 60 min bus ride from Prague in modern comfortable bus at aroung 150Kc --but do not take the train, for you may need all day to get there, you'll need to transfer and the trak seems to be going in circles-- Have a good trip, and I'm certain you enjoy it. Viktor

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