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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by Velox, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. Velox

    Velox New Member

    Hi, maybe I'm little bit insane, I'm going to plan a trip to Prague (from Italy) for the first days of February... Do you know if is it really dangerous going there by car? I mean, snow and everything? I'm planning a route thruogh Switzerland, Austria, Germany and then Czech (should be the best one). I wasn't able to find a site like "autostrade" where you can see in real time which is the highway traffic condition...

    Thanks in advance for any advice!
  2. evian

    evian Well-Known Member

    I've driven from Frankfurt, down through Switzerland, Austria and then to CR, no problems. This was in early spring however, and I didn't travel through the Swiss Alps. I can't imagine it being that much of a problem though..
  3. Velox

    Velox New Member

    Thank you for the reply. I'm just concerned about the "cold wave" that is hitting Europe in these days... and I don't have first hands informations about highways conditions.

    Kind regards
  4. cecco angiolieri

    cecco angiolieri Well-Known Member

    did it many times in all the seasones
    definitely more expensive but safer and faster pass trought the brenner pass.......even the last time 21st of december( it snowed from pilsen until trento) the pass was open... passing trought swiss can put you in a bad situation if the san bernardino pass will be shout down.... here follows the directions from verona

    Departure: Verona, centre
    | Display map

    1 Leave Verona 1.6km
    | Display map

    1.6km 00h05
    2 Turn right: Piazzale Porta Nuova 0.2km
    | Display map

    1.8km 00h05
    3 Turn right: Viale Luciano Dal Cero 8km
    | Display map

    Verona Nord: Ticket purchase 9km 00h10
    Head towards: BRENNERO
    TRENTO 9km 00h10
    9.5km 00h11
    4 A22E45 Take: A22 / E45 225km
    | Display map

    Brennero: Toll: 12.80 EUR 220km 02h01
    235km 02h09
    Entry into Austria 235km 02h09
    | Display map

    5 A13E45 Take: A13 / E45 35km
    | Display map

    Schönberg im Stubait: Toll: 8 EUR 255km 02h19
    269km 02h27
    6 A12E45 Close to Innsbruck, take: A12 / E45 / E60 75km
    | Display map

    344km 03h06
    Entry into Germany 344km 03h06
    | Display map

    7 A93E45 Take: A93 / E45 26km
    | Display map

    Take the exit towards: Exit 56
    München 369km 03h19
    370km 03h20
    8 A8E45 Turn right: A8 / E45 / E52 47km
    | Display map

    Take the exit towards: Exit 95 415km 03h42
    Head towards: Messe
    München 415km 03h42
    417km 03h44
    9 A99E45 Close to München, take: A99 / E45 / E52 29km
    | Display map

    Take the exit towards: Exit 13
    München 445km 03h58
    446km 03h59
    10 A9E45 Take: A9 / E45 41km
    | Display map

    Take the exit towards: Exit 65
    Wolnzach 486km 04h19
    487km 04h20
    11 A93 Turn right: A93 131km
    | Display map

    Passing close to Regensburg 544km 04h48
    Take the exit towards: Exit 27
    Hirschau 617km 05h26
    618km 05h27
    12 B14E50 Turn right: B14 / E50 towards:
    Burg Wernberg 20km
    | Display map

    Pass by Unterköblitz 618km 05h27
    638km 05h42
    13 A6 Take: A6 14km
    | Display map

    651km 05h49
    Entry into Czech Republic 651km 05h49
    | Display map

    14 D5E50 Take: D5 / E50 63km
    | Display map

    Take the exit towards: Exit 89
    Plzen 714km 06h24
    Head towards: Praha
    Plzen 714km 06h24
    714km 06h24
    15 26 Turn right: 26 towards:
    Plzen 3km
    | Display map

    717km 06h26
    16 Pass Plzen 11km
    | Display map

    Continue along: 26 (5.5km)
    Take: Palackého Námestí / 20 / E49 (0.2km)

    Turn left: 20 / E49 (1.1km)

    Turn left: Tyrsova / 26 (0.1km)

    Turn left: 26 (3.5km)
    Exit Plzen
    727km 06h42
    17 26 Continue along: 26 6km
    | Display map

    734km 06h47
    18 D5E50 Turn right: D5 / E50 69km
    | Display map

    Take the exit towards: Exit 1
    Letiste 801km 07h25
    Head towards: Exit 1
    Karlovy Vary
    Letiste 801km 07h25
    802km 07h26
    19 1E48 Turn right: 1 / E48 2.5km
    | Display map

    Take the exit towards: Exit 26 804km 07h27
    804km 07h28
    20 6 At Praha 17, turn right: 6 9.5km
    | Display map

    814km 07h42
    21 Pass Praha 7 1.5km
    | Display map

    Take: Milady Horákové / 6 (0.7km)

    Turn right (0.7km)
    Take: Stefánikuv Most (0.1km)
    Exit Praha 7
    815km 07h44
    22 Arrive in Praha 1.1km
    | Display map

    816km 07h47
    Destination: Praha, centre 816km 07h47

    Damn it's shitty... well take the iperlink to
  5. Velox

    Velox New Member

    Ciao Cecco,
    so the only problem is Swiss... if San Bernardino is ok there should be no any other problem, right? The route you are suggesting is pretty unconfortable for me... I'm leaving from Milan... Then Brennero is always jammed, or not?

  6. cecco angiolieri

    cecco angiolieri Well-Known Member

    ....mhmmm... well actually the real problem is that san bernardino pass is at almost 2000 mts above the sea level..... and therefore it can easly snow there and a lot. from milan it'snot too complicated.... i used to pass via milan many times before they started( and never finished) the works on the torino milano, the brenner is a little bit longer/expensive but definitely faster..... and always open.....instead that'ssomething i cannot say about the bernardino.... nevertheless the trip is your.... as well as the time and the nerves.... so i can only recommend youto switch the radio on and listen carefully the news about the roads!!!! i again invite youto try to use , it's a reliable/free/smart web site that will give you alot of information about the better route for your trip

    Take care cecco angiolieri.......
    ciao e in bocca al lupo
  7. Lorenzo

    Lorenzo Well-Known Member

    Hi Velox,

    I think that the route suggested by Cecco is also the most followed by people traveling from the North West of Italy to Prague.
    I have traveled by car from Milan to Prague only once but we also went that way.
    The buses I have taken also went through the Brenner Pass and never had problems with snow (and it was December/January).

  8. Velox

    Velox New Member

    Thanks for your advices! It seems now weather is really good in Switzerland, I think I'll try the shortest route... hope the weather we'll be wiht me! :D


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