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    Prague- airport shuttle or metro to hotel?

    I have booked a hotel for three nights, the Hotel is located near the Liberacka metro stop.

    I have looked into transport and it seems to get from the airport to the hotel it means taking bus No. 119 to "Dejvicka" metro station, taking the metro to "Muzeum" station, changing to metro route C and continuing to "Ladvi" station. Then taking bus no 187 or 177 to "Liberecka" station. Is that feasible with luggage or would it be better to get an airport shuttle bus to drop us to the hotel, I have looked into and it seems cost is about 650CZK.

    Is this a good price and would it save alot of trouble carrying luggage on the public transport.

    Thank you to anyone who replies x
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    It depends how much luggage you will have and at what time you will arrive to Prague.

    If you can manage to take all your luggage with you, then why not to take metro.
    As you said, you can take bus 119 or AE (Airport Express, cost 30Kč) to Dejvicka or you can take bus no. 100 to Zlicin (metro line B, the yellow one) and go to Florenc and than change to C line. It's basically almost the same, really no big difference in it.

    If you don't have lot of luggage, you can definitely try that. What time are you arriving to Prague? I wouldn't do that in the peak, ie. Mon. thru Fri. 6-9am, 4-6pm, the metro will be crowded at that times.

    Also you can consider taking taxi from the airport. AAA Taxi Praha is considered as a best one, but you have to call them, don't take taxi on a street, they can overcharge you or ask them what the price will be before gettin in the taxi. According to AAA website it should be around 550Kč (from airport to Liberecká).

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