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    This is an online game where you build a village (or an empire!).
    You don't have to download anything!

    Travian je online hra pro kterou stačí mít obyčejný prohlížeč.
    Hraješ s tisíci hráči jako náčelník malé vesnice a vedeš obyvatele ke slavě a vítězství.

    It takes a long long time to win, and usually the only way to do this is as part of an alliance.
    The whole game is impossible to survive without a great deal of diplomacy and alliances with other online players.

    It's available in Czech!

    I think it's a good way to learn a lot of vocabulary and practice writing... on the downside, as with playing online in English, the quality of language the other players use isn't always perfect, not a lot of hačkas and čarkas... but I can still understand most of what people say to me.

    My village is currently like this:

    Dřevo Dřevo: 20 za hodinu
    Hlína Hlína: 20 za hodinu
    Železo Železo: 17 za hodinu
    Obilí Obilí: 1 za hodinu
    Krysa 1 Krysa

    Hee hee, if anyone would like to be my neighbor I'm currently on Server3 and playing in the north-west!
    My Village is Corcaigh and my id is KralíkKdo

    Some more info:
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    I had to maintain it for one friend for about 3-4 days and it was highly adictive..

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