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  1. Peggy Anne

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    Ahoj ..... I am looking for ancestors of the Triska Family from Strakonice. Bohemia. I know my great grandfather was named John Triska and his Father was named Joseph Triska. I don't know for sure when Joseph was born, but John was born in 1859. I was hoping to find a connection in the Czech Republic .... Peggy Anne
  2. Karel Fous

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    Word tříska means splitner. There was 1067 men and 1153 women holders of the name Tříska or Třísková at April 2004. Is your g-dads directly from Strakonice or from county Strakonice? Strakonice is pretty big town for Czech condition. Check out or see my link for necessities for searching ancestors.
    Karel :)
  3. Peggy Anne

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    Dékuji for you post Karel .....

    As far as the records I have, my great grandfather and his family are stated as coming from Strakonice, Bohemia. It doesn't say whether from the city or the county. My great grandfather had married Katerina (born 1827) Svoboda, which I also have listed as just being from Strakonice, Bohemia.

    When I read your website and saw the name Vesely, I was like, I recognize that name. Katerina's sister Maria who was born in 1832 (also listed as from Strakonice, Bohemia) married twice and her second husband was named Thomas Vesely. I too have the names of (Wesely or Wessely) noted as possible spelling for the name in family records. I believe that Katerina and her mother (Mary Anne) and father Frank Svoboda( I believe Mary's second husband) were from Strakonice, Bohemia also.

    I just joined the CGSI in hopes of starting some research before my trip to Praha, CZ this summer. I had looked at the link you had sent in your post and have seen it some time ago in my searching. I sent an email via that website for information, but haven’t gotten any reply. I am going to send a snail mail letter with Czech translation to find out information on lodging for a two day stay there during my trip. The link for the sight that really surprised me was the demographics I found at .....

    BTW ... yes I was always told from my father and grandfather that Triska meant a splinter of wood. My father had named one of the boats we owned ....”Splinters Eight” since there were eight member of our immediate family <grin>

    Again dékuji for your info and post.....

    Nazdar ... Peggy Anne
  4. Karel Fous

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    If I interpret your informations well, your ancestors probably really became directly from town Strakonice. So you should probe the parish books of Strakonice, which is now stored at South Bohemian departament of National Archive at town Trebon (
    It seems me you have the most important data for start of searching - place of origin and year of birth (and names, of course ) :lol:
    Good luck!
    Karel :)

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