try to make my familybook, Merta, Bartosik, Suckanek

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    Mother: Emilie, daughter of Frank Merta, teacher from Leipnik and Antonia daughter of Suchánek from Loucka.

    1- Is that commom having two middle names?
    2- What are these surnames Czechs? Settlements and immigration to theses villages...
    3- Where can I find something about everyday life of this villages? Marriage, occupations (what means to be a teacher and skinner in those days?) childhood, etc...
    4- My great-grandmother in my father's birth certificate was named Emilie Merta, researching a little about the "Czech's" could be right that her single name was Mertová? I can aplly this rule for my other great-grandmother Marianna?

    Well, I have a lot of questions...
    Thanks a lot for any help!!!!
    Chris :D
  2. Sova

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    Bom Dia!

    1) Not common as far as I know.

    2) Gromann is a German surname. Bartošik, Merta and Suchánek are Czech surnames.

    Lipník nad Bečvou is apparently very close to the once-German-claimed Sudetenland, so it wouldn't surprise me to have a lot of German families living there at the time. Same for Hranice. I'm not sure about Loučka, as there are several villages with that name in the area. In principle, you can find people of German ancestry and surnames almost anywhere in the Czech Republic.

    3) I don't know.

    4) Yes, her maiden name would have been Mertová. The others would be Suchánková (Suchánek), and Bartošíková (Bartošík).
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    Sova, Bom dia! (do you speak portuguese?)
    Thanks a lot for your help! This means a lot to me because it's really hard to find something about my family... so any clue is very important to me!
    About the village of Loucka, in the register I have, the only name is Loucka, and I am supposing that could be a small village, near Lipnik, that seams to me that nowadays is a district of Lipnik... I am trying to find something about the history of this cities to put my ancestors in a context. But I am not finding many things in the internet...
    Is there any rule for giving baby names? At least in those days?
    Do you know where can I find the history of the settlements in Czech Republic? To find out their origins... What I could observe that theses cities was too small and the brides in my two cases came from another cities... Maybe there was a rule for this...
    Once more, thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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    No falo português. I only learned a few phrases while dating a Brazilian girl in college (well, only a few phrases that I still remember :oops: ).

    I know of no rules for naming babies, either now or then. As for marrying inside or out of one's village, also I don't think there was any rule (although there is the song "Kdyby byl Bavorov ..." :) ).

    As for local history of these villages, I'm not sure where to look. Probably I'd start with more regional history of Olomouc.
  5. cgromann

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    Your Portuguese is ok!
    It's really hard to find something in the internet... These villages are too small... Besides this, unfortunatelly I don't speak Czech. But I love History and I'm learning a lot!
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    I'm from the midwest in the USA. I have Suchanek relatives in my family that lived in Dolní Loučky, near Tisnov, northwest of Brno. I wonder if your Loucka was referring to the Horní Loučky and Dolní Loučky area in the Moravian highlands. This area isn't too far from Olomouc.

    I am told that Horní Loučky means "upper meadow" and Dolní Loučky means "lower meadow".

    The details of Suchanek in my family are as follows: Josef Suchanek married a daughter of Ignac Vap and Frantiska Mazourova. This daughter was born sometime around 1860 in the Dolní Loučky area. Some children of Josef Suchanek & this Vap came to Oklahoma in the USA (Frantiska in 1901, Jaroslav in 1921). Other Vap uncles, aunts and cousins had already immigrated to Nebraska, Kansas & Oklahoma in the USA before those dates.

    Hope that helps you.

  7. cgromann

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    Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for posting!
    I really don't know how is my right "Loucka" village. I don't know the German name for this village, but I believe that soon I will figure out. Maybe could be your Dolní Loucky village. I am waiting for some records of my ancestors and maybe we could be distant cousins. I will let you know about my progress in my research.
    By the way, do you know anything about the everyday life of yours Czech ancestors? This subject interesting me a lot.
    Thanks again,
  8. epk

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    In that time it was normal to have two names because they were baptized (isn't it common now too?). They just use the first name in everyday life.

    I found website of the city of Lipnik nad Becvou.

    Loučka is now part of Lipnik nad Bečvou.

    Good luck with your research.
  9. cgromann

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    Hi Epk,
    Thanks a lot for your reply!
    I will look the website.
    Are you researching in this area?
    I really want to learn more about them.


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