Trying to find family, Knobloch from Falkenau

Discussion in 'Looking for Ancestors' started by Alexandra, Feb 21, 2006.

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    Hello, may I just say what a marvelous site I found today. I have been aware that my family moved out of Falkenau, during the war sometime to Vienna My gramdmother was called Ida, Knobloch.
    She had five sisters, Ella was one, I think Hermina but they all got seperated would love to trace anything about these names. Also my grandfather was Karl knobloch born around 1910 1917 ish is ther any way I could find out Thank you Alex.
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    I have a suspicion that these Knoblochs (Ida, Hermina, Karl, ...) were ethnic Germans. The feminine form of the surname Knobloch remains Knobloch in German (Knobloch/Knoblauch means garlic).

    The unabridged name of the town is Falkenau an der Eger (in Czech: Falknov nad Ohří till 1945, Sokolov now).

    The vast majority of the ethnic Germans were expelled from Czechoslovakia after the WW2 because of their disloyalty.
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    Hello, thank you for your replys, its all very interesting. I know that my mother was born in Bratislava in 1937 and called Dorothea. But before that the family lived in Wieldstien in Falkenau.,or so I was told. they moved out of the area before the war had ended to Wein in Austria. I dont know much more about it . thank you for your interest Alex.
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    That's probably Wildstein (today Skalná), a town nearby Cheb, formerly in district Falkenau (today Sokolov).

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