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    I have been searching for information about my family, I was lucky enough to find one person still in the country, but he has very little info. He and his family live in the Trebon area, same as my family did. He told me of this U Tikalskych, what does this mean, is it named after my family?
  2. Sova

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    Hmm ... as far as I can tell, the name seems to refer to a point on the Lužnice River near the village of Majdalena to the south-east of Třeboň. It seems to be a wilderness area ("samota") perhaps a fishing/swimming/boating spot or camping site, I can't exactly tell from the satellite image except that there's a sizable pond there and quite a few canoes and some large open fields with cars parked mostly around the perimeter (go to http://maps.google.com/maps and type the coordinates "48°58'0.1" N 14°52'0.1" E", and click the "satellite" view).

    By the way, "U Tíkalských" literally means "at the Tikalsky's," so I would guess that this site is (or was) on land owned by a Tíkalský family.

    In case you want to follow my simple web-search, I got the coordinates from the site http://www.celysvet.cz/mesto.php?i=536193&n=U%20Tikalskych&m=U%20T%EDkalsk%FDch and the info on the "samota" from http://kix.fsv.cvut.cz/~vanicek/vodaci/kilo/kluznice.htm
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    “Samota” is a dwelling without the status of municipality.

    The place is slightly down the river (Google maps, Czech touristic map) from the Sova’s coordinates which correspond to the well-known boating spot Majdalena.


    This is a picture of the pool. It is called “Tikalských tůně”.
  4. Sova

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    Whoops! Thanks for another catch, wer! I guess someone messed up slightly on their coordinates.
  5. ctikalsky

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    Thanks for all the information, I hope to find out more about this area to see if it has any ties to my family. Does anyone know if it had this name on maps dating back to 1800s etc. I have my family traced back to the mid 1700s, and they came from the Trebon area.
  6. wer

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    See my previous link to the Czech touristic map, click there on “Další mapy” (= other maps) and choose the option “Historická 1836-1852”. This map is based on the 2nd Military Mapping.

    More in detail:

    1st Military Mapping (1764-1768, rectified 1780-1783)

      1: 28 800
      Map List 252 (undated)

      The place is denoted as Digalskeg B:h on the map and as Digalskei hof in the legend. B:h stays for Bauernhof. (Bauern)hof means yard/farmplace/estate in German. The T-D and K-G substitutions are common Czech-German adjustments. The last g in Digalskeg represents the j-sound (English y-sound as in Yes) in the old ortography, thus both -eg and -ei endings represent the ej-sound which could be either German or vernacular Czech replacement of the ý-sound.

    2nd Military Mapping (1836-1852)

      1: 28 800
      Map List 16 O-IV (dated 1842-1843)

      The place is denoted as Tikalsky on the map.

    3rd Military Mapping (1877-1880)

      1 : 25 000
      Map List 4454/1 (state as of 1873)

      The place is denoted as Tikalský on the map.

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