Urgent help needed! I need the name of a bank in Prague

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    Hello everybody living in the czech capital,

    I am desperately searching for the NAME OF A CERTAIN BANK IN PRAGUE.
    This bank has one or more CASH DISPENSER (or CASHPOINTs) at the
    This should be at the Metro `MUZEUM´ (where the National Museum lies).
    And what do the letters `CS´ stand for?

    Do these cash dispenser have monitoring (camera surveillance)?

    It could be more than one bank/different banks - I´m not sure.

    I hope someone can help me with this. If no-one knows about this specific bank so tell me at least the NAME OF CZECH BANKS IN PRAGUE - phonenumber and adress would be nice too.

    But please, only serious answers please! Thank you so much!
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  3. wer

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    Yes, there is ATM of Česká spořitelna. See the green and yellow sign under the Metro sign:

  4. jen

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    However, re-reading the original post, it looks like the OP is looking for two different things - first you mention a bankomat at Vysehrad metro station and then say it should be at Muzuem metro station.

    At any rate, no matter where, "CS" is Ceska sporitelna, and the website and other info still apply (except the address of the bankomat at Vysehrad station, if you're actually looking for the one at Muzeum).

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