URGENT!: How long from Cerny Most to Krizikova Metro stops?

Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by Ktot, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. Ktot

    Ktot Well-Known Member

    I need to know by tomorrow morning how many minutes it takes to travel from the Cerny Most bus station to the Krizikova Metro stop? Is it doable in 10-15 minutes?

    I'm worried becasue Cerny Most is the furthest stop on the B line, and it's for a really important meeting, and I can't seem to find timetables online anywhere for the metro.

    Please I need this ASAP!!!

    And is it far from the bus stop at Cerny Most to the metro? Or is it right there and easy to find?

    Thank you.
  2. kibicz

    kibicz Well-Known Member

    its 7 stations per 2minutes = aproximatly 14 minutes without waiting for train..
  3. Ktot

    Ktot Well-Known Member

    Thanks...that might cut it close...would it be better to get in 5 minutes earlier at Praha-Holešovice? It's only 3 stops then, but I'd have to transfer lines...
  4. kibicz

    kibicz Well-Known Member

    generally each station is about 2 minutes, every change is about 2min(if you walk fast). and you have to count with waiting for train - 1:30 in peak, about 3-5min offpeak..
  5. Polednikova

    Polednikova Well-Known Member

    I did this journey literally yesterday. My nearest metro station is Křižíkova and I went to Ikea at Černý Most.

    It will certainly take longer than ten minutes but you should be able to do it in 15 as long as you don't have to wait long for a train. I don't do the journey from Holešovice very often but I wouldn't have thought there'd be a lot in it because of having to change lines. You also need to know exactly where you're going in Karlín so you can go straight to it...

    But I have to say that if it was me - and certainly if you're going for a job interview - I'd get an earlier bus just so I didn't have to panic! The bus station at Černý Most is next to the metro station, though.

    Best of luck.
  6. eso

    eso Well-Known Member

  7. Polednikova

    Polednikova Well-Known Member

    That's really good, Eso. Much better than the version I've been using. I think they must have up-dated their website. Thanks.
  8. MK

    MK Well-Known Member

    If I need it I allways use "Find connection" at


    the results are very accurate. When I go from Cerny most to Krizikova I allways "reserve" 20-25 minutes for it.

    DPP says it is 15 minuts long travel. If we add waiting time and time for going up from train to the street then it will be together over 20 minutes, in the weekend 25 minutes or more.

    Bus stops are very close to Cerny most metro station. Arrival is 10 meters or so far from train departure to the city and bus departures are 20 or so meters far from the train from the city but you should go downstairs then.

    I personally do not think the Praha Holesovice -> Krizikova is better because the need to change lines, but dpp says it is only 10 minutes long journey.
  9. Polednikova

    Polednikova Well-Known Member

    Ktot: Hope it all worked out ok and you got there in time. Yesterday, as I was walking home from Křižíkova, I was looking at everyone, wondering whether it was you, especially if it looked as though they were in a hurry. :)
  10. Ktot

    Ktot Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone for your replies! I got there in time (hurray). Because of your responces, I decided not to try the journey from Černý Most, and went from Holešovice instead.

    Yeah, you're right, the best option would have just been to leave earlier, but since I was coming straight from work, it wasn't possible.

    Polednikova - the street actually looked relatively desolate when I was there. But yes, wouldn't it have been funny if we did go past one another without knowing?

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