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  1. Viktor

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    Concerned about the 240 ACV current in the Czech Republic, I presented the problem to my local Radio Shack store, I was advised to purchase a $39.00 Universal Power Converter -Dum and happy, upon arrival to Prague I plugged the device in to the power outlet at the hotel, to charge my notebook battery. However, within five minutes, a puff of smoke and the universal converter burned out! Thus $39.00 went to pot...

    The next day, I visited a Electra store in Prague, and they advised me that I needed a 240ACV/110ACV transformer for 950Kc to operate my notebook in the Czech Republic, the transformer worked, but now I had to shlep an extra 5Kg piece of gear. But I lightened my pocket by 950Kc.

    Upon arrival at my frieds house in Vysoke Myto and plugging in my electronic wonder, my friend asked me why did I lug around such a heavy piece of equipment, using a 5Kg transformer to operate an 2Kg notebook? She suggested we visit her friend, who operated a local PC repair shop the next day.

    Upon examining the power supply for the notebook, he ingforme me; that I did not need such an boat anchor to lug around, but merely needed to change the inlet cord, that fits the Czech outlets. Hence, for 50Kc I was in business, we unplugged the original cord (for the US outlet) and plugged in the Czech standard.

    Therefore, if you notebook power supply (most all brands of notebook do qualify) input is rated at: 110-240V~50-60Hz - the 50Kc cord will do the job ( I had no problems, it worked fine, since all the notebook power supplies swich to the Czech current automatically if you have the proper cord), and you have over 2000Kc left over for some beer!!!Lie and learn.


    PS. The part number for the cord is:" Kabel PWR220/FLEXO " and if you can not find it in Prague, take a pleasant scenic bus trip to Vysoke Myto (2 1/2 hours from Florence each way for 95Kc) and still save some cash. If you need to stay overnight there, and see the real Czechia ( a sight worth while seeing, it's and old town, dating to 14th century, founded by King Otakara II) try the Hotel Kobylka accross the street of the Praszka Brana, and mention to Tatiana I sent you. It's only 500Kc for the night with breakfast included (clean, no fleas and private bath )...
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    The voltage in CR is actually 220 V / 50 Hz. In the UK and Ireland it's 240 V. These are close enough to be compatible I think. If you are from Ireland/UK and want to, for example, charge your phone in Prague, you'll just need a plug adaptor. If you arrive without one you can buy them in the top floor of Tesco, just next to Narodni trida metro station.
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    Hey, Ir! What's that about your photo? Are you having a post-humous religious experience? Seriously, this picture spooks me every time I see it and today I just couldn't help commenting on it. Otherwise, I enjoy your posts and I'm sure you look quite handsome in this life. :lol:
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    lol - it's not me, it's the captain of the Irish soccer team, Roy Keane. I was looking for a pic of him to put up and that looked the coolest. It's not as spooky when it's full size! Maybe I'll dig out another pic in a while and replace it... Thanks for the comments! :D
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    Much, much better! Is that you or is it another soccer celebrity?
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    The nominal voltage in the Czech Rep. is actually 3 x 400 V eff./ 50 Hz. The line-to-earth voltage is cca 230 V eff. (exactly 400 divided by the square root of 3), but the real value depends on many factors. The abbreviation eff. is indispensable and means that the calorific effect of the AC 230 V eff. is the same as DC 230V (applied on the same resistor; e.g. light bulbs, el. irons, heaters, etc. are applicable to either DC or AC of the same effective value).


    The line N is grounded (connected to earth) in several points.
  7. Ir

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    You sound like you know what you are talking about szarkafarka! :D

    Eva2, the picture is still of Roy Keane, Ireland and Manchester United captain. I'm too shy to put my own pic up... I do look a bit like him though 8)
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    Okay, I know this is a bit off-topic, but I'm confused about why Ir's picture (or whoever's picture that is!) would be considered "spooky." Is this a photo of someone now departed (as the picture next to my message is) ?

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    Ir has changed his picture, and so the new picture has replaced his old picture on all posts (just a quirk of the system). Anyway, the old picture was apparently of the same person dressed up in a cloak reminiscent of the druidic.
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    I've been trying to put my picture on, but seem to be a bit PC challenged (stupid) What am I doing wrong? I've the size down OK, but it just will not publish/transfer, (maybe it's rejecting my old face?..LOL
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    Here is the picture I used to have up, SMZ:


    It's the same guy, Roy Keane, captain of the Irish soccer team. I think it was a promo picture for the World Cup in 2002. They had him dressed up as a samurai as well :lol:

    Viktor, I don't know what you're doing wrong - the two main things are that it has to be less than 6(?)K and must be no more than 80x80 pixels. Hit browse and double-click the image file, it should work...
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    Yikes! That really IS spooky/creepy! :shock:


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