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  1. Ruzete

    Ruzete Well-Known Member

    i was just curious, what do people drive in Eastern Europe more specifically in Czech Republic? Do they sell American cars like Ford and Dodge there?

  2. metric

    metric Well-Known Member

    For more than fifty years the Škoda has been the most popular car in Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic. This is a sturdy, simple car, and even very old ones can be seen in the Czech countryside giving good daily service. The Škoda works, in Mladá Boleslav north of Prague, is now owned by VW/Audi Group.

    You can find a brief history of Škoda, with many pictures, here:

    Since 1990 foreign cars have been increasingly available in the Czech Republic. All kinds of Western European cars are seen, Citroën's sales have been particularly strong lately; and Asian cars are present as well, especially Mazda and Daewoo.

    There are very few American cars in the Czech Republic; I don't believe there are any official dealers, the few cars there have been imported from Western Europe. I think the most common American car there is the Chrysler Voyager "mini-van", though most of these are made by Steyr in Austria with Italian Diesel engines.
  3. Karel

    Karel Well-Known Member


    Here are 15 best-selling makes in the CR in 2003

    1. Škoda 71375 47,73%
    2. Renault 9143 6,11%
    3. Peugeot 8732 5,84%
    4. VW 7640 5,11%
    5. Ford 6580 4,40%
    6. Opel 6325 4,23%
    7. Hyundai 4902 3,28%
    8. Citroën 4482 3,00%
    9 . Toyota 4157 2,78%
    10. Fiat 3124 2,09%
    11. Seat 3105 2,08%
    12. Mazda 2453 1,64%
    13. Nissan 2236 1,50%
    14. Daewoo 1839 1,23%
    15. Mercedes-Benz 1833 1,23%

    The question about Ford is a bit tricky as it is with Holden in Australia, Acura in the USA and many others.
    As far as I know a European Ford division is independent of that in the US. In Japan, some Fords sell under Mazda for example. :shock:
    I think that in today`s globalized world it`s quite impossible to say that this brand is 100% American or European etc. Skoda`s present success is also due to the merger with VW, and thanks to the German englneering in particular.

    There are some official US dealers in the CR, namely, Chrysler and Jeep. You should probably find them where Mercedes-Benz dealers are located since the two have been bought out by the German make.

    As for Dodge, I`ve seen Dodge Neon and Stratus, but they sell under Chrysler in the CR as far as I can remember.

    In general, the US makes are not very suitable for the Czech market because of its petrol consumption (you can`t be economical with V 8, V 10 engines, can you? :D ). The higher petrol prices in Europe also make people think twice before buying a car . But those who can afford it, do have Cadillacs or Lincolns even in the CR. (Very few though)

  4. Ruzete

    Ruzete Well-Known Member

    thanks for both of your replies i just won a bet from it
  5. Sova

    Sova Well-Known Member

    If you don't mind my asking, what was the bet? :)
  6. Ruzete

    Ruzete Well-Known Member

    I bet my brother that some type of american car were sold there, and Ford is my favorite kind so, i bet that ford was used there. it wasn't a huge bet with a winning of $5, but if your right then u get to stress it, expecially with a brother who is an automobile fanatic! :wink:
  7. Daniela Paola

    Daniela Paola Member

    But, unluckly, Czech R. have no TORINO cars in their roads :(
  8. LadaJ

    LadaJ New Member

    Daniela, fortunately in CR exist fans of Fiat 600 and 500 ( I have Fiat 600 and I love this car ( At this time is it being repaired and gets new "coat". I am looking forward to seiing my "new" Hrbol after my return from USA.
  9. Daniela Paola

    Daniela Paola Member

    But not TORINO! :( ... I will miss them a lot. In Argentina my family share one. You can see it here:

    Isn't it wonderfull? Fiat 600 is great taky!!
    Do you know any fans of Ford Torino?

  10. LadaJ

    LadaJ New Member

    Oh, I thought, that you meant Fiat, I did not know, that Ford was also produced in Italy. Unfortunately I do not know any fans of Ford Torino in CR. :(

  11. amraam_7

    amraam_7 Well-Known Member

    This is my baby :) Seat Toledo 2.0 16v GT

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