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    I like doing some genealogical research in Portugal and I have a problem. A family here claims that almost 200 years ago they came from Prag to Lisbon. They say they adopted the name "Roseira" (portuguese word for rose-bush or rose-garden) because it was similar to their original name that was "Rozinski" or something like that. On the other hand, the only ancient document that I found says that the family started with a man called Vincenz Rotzinska and that he came from Poland...

    I was thinking... Is there a czech name for rose-bush? Is Rotzinska a czech surname or similar to a czech surname? Can someone help me a little bit on this?

    Thank you very much.
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    Dear Pedro,
    Czech word for rose-bush is "růžový keř". Name related with (very common name) is Růžička (little rose).
    There could be difficult find more about origin af the family. The family could live close to Czech or Moravian bordes, where the nationality mixed. They also could be from Silesia, which is now at Poland, but till 1742 was a part of lands of Bohemian kingdom.
    It looks you could expect a lot of work.
    Regards Karel :)[/b]

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