Vineyard/winery tour/tasting in mid-March

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  1. rossco84

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    Hi. My girlfriend and I will be staying in Prague from 11MAR-18MAR and are looking at taking a few daytrips elsewhere. Planning on Karlovy Vary and Kutna Hora for sure. We also want to see the old vineyards in Moravia. If you know of any good ones that offer tours and tasting during our stay, please let us know. We are interested in history and culture so the older and more notable the better. As much info from leaving Prague to arriving at the vineyard and other interests in the area would be most appreciated, such as how do we get there, what is the cost (travel, entrance), what else should we see while there, etc. Thank you so much in advance.
  2. geauxboy

    geauxboy Well-Known Member

    There is a winery/castle tour in Melnik that my girlfriend and I will be doing in July. I've never been there myself, but my brother has and he loved it.

    Here's the website: Melnik Castle

    Here's the site to look up buses or trains:

    If you want a bus, which is only about a half hour to 45 minute ride, click on bus. The buses run very frequently. Put in "Praha", not "Prague". Then put in Melnik as the destination. The exact bus station out of Prague is Praha,,Nádrazí Holešovice. Holesovice is just north of Prague. Just take a tram or bus there. Unfortunately, I don't know exactly where the station is. I haven't gotten anyone to clarify that for me. I was going to search for it when I got there. I'd appreciate some feedback if she does this trip or atleast can find the Holesovice station.

    Another bit of information is that the Holesovice station has a tobacco stand very close by that offers bus tickets at a better discount. If you can read/understand Czech, you will see the sign stating that at the bus stop. When you get to Melnik, I BELIEVE (not 100% sure though) the stop is Melník,, MHD. That should leave you about a 10 to 15 minute walk to the castle or atleast the vineyards.

    Here is my thread about the Melnik tour that may help some. Use the links provided by czechchris. Real nice site and good info. Not too much detail, but it's a nice site that should help.

    Good luck and I want to know how she does as we will be doing the tour when we go.
  3. kimba

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    I think it's the 17 tram that goes to Nádrazí Holešovice. And there is also a metro stop underneath it on the "C" line. The station is at the edge of a huge park on the north side of Prague.
  4. geauxboy

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    Oh, great. Thanks for narrowing it down for us. That should make it much easier. I know this sounds sarcastic, but it isn't.
  5. kimba

    kimba Active Member

    If you have a neighborhood map, it's across the river in Letna. Which is an interesting neighborhood to explore.
  6. geauxboy

    geauxboy Well-Known Member

    I have full intention to explore Letna and Holesovice. I love parks for one thing, and I love beer gardens too. I hear there is a nice one overlooking Prague close to the river. Do you know about it or are there half a dozen just like it in the area?

    Also, I hear there is a flea market/bazaar close to Libensky most (which turns into Delnicka). Do you know anything about that or any other flea market/bazaars?
  7. kimba

    kimba Active Member

    We're getting totaly off topic - but no I don't have any info on flea markets, although I like them too. When I was in Prague my attention was turned toward other things ...
  8. rossco84

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    Thanks for all the great information on Melnik. It's not too far from Prague and it seems really nice. I know Jenny would like to try their Rulandské modré. Thanks too for the directions. I'd also like to keep my options open to any other great sites in the country if there are more recommendations. Thanks again.

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