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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Joseph77, Feb 27, 2005.

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    Hello everyone. I met a wonderful woman while I was in Prague during Christmas time, and she is interested in comming to the California to visit me. Is it possible for me to obtain a travel VISA for her, or is it even necessary for people visiting the US from the Czech Republic? She keeps telling me that she has to have a VISA to come to the US but I have my suspicions. Any way is there anyone on these boards that has had a similar situation that can give me advice on protecting myself incase this girl is just in it to take advantage of me? She is totally sweet, and nice, but I just think that she might be using me as a meal ticket to get to the US.
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    Questions aren't meant to be posted in Introduction forum. You should post this in Travel Tips & Advice or Miscellaneous if you want people to answer.
    I'm sorry I can't help you on this matter.
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    Give it some time, e-mail with her, get to know her. If you did offer to pay for the trip EVERYBODY would be interested in going. I think that is is bit too soon inviting someone after just meeting them over Christmas. I hope you do realize that you would be fully financially responsible for her stay as Czech money doesn't count for much in USA and she most likely would'nt have any.

    Check with USA Embassy in Prague if she needs Visa. If she does, she will most likely need letter of invitation from you assuring that you will take care of her there.

    I would give it some time.
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    Czech money doesn't count for much in USA and she most likely would'nt have any.

    A bit presumptious, and yes, you can easily change crowns for dollars. I have had MANY czech friends come to visit me in the states. A letter of invitation is needed, and NO you are not responsible for her financially, unless she is broke.She does need to prove that she can care for herself while there. If she is young, the chances are slim. She must have resided at the same address for a few years. If she is not educated (formally) keeps changing her address and has no real family ties in the CR, then the odds are slim. The application cost about 3000 kc, regardless if you get it or not.... there are now looking to do away with the visa requirement for czechs, but it is still years away...

    Check with USA Embassy in Prague if she needs Visa

    Every Czech needs a visa to go to the US, only diplomates are exempt.

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