Visiting Prague between Xmas and New Year

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    NOTTNICK New Member

    We are thinking about visiting Prague between Xmas and New Year (27 - 30 Dec).
    Is it likely that the museums / shops / places of interest will be open? Or do these places close during the Christmas period?
  2. Even if most of these days are a bank holiday, the shops, museums and and and will be open. Enjoy the trip ...

    NOTTNICK New Member

    Thank You
    I have now booked my tickets.
  4. Troll

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    bank holiday :eek: (funny term, it evokes a suspicion that some nations celebrate the banks as a deity)

    Anyway this year's December 27, 28 are common working days. December 29,30 are common Saturday and Sunday respectively.
  5. laddie49

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    I will also be in Prague between Christmas and New Years. I will be traveling with my wife and 3 others. We will be starting in Munich on Dec. 20th and then on to Vienna for 3 more days, including Christmas Eve and Day. We will be arriving in Prague on the 26 and stay for 2 nights before heading for Berlin, where we will stay until Jan 2.
    I understand the Christmas Market will be staying open until New Year's Day.
    Prague is a great city. I was first there in 1984 and I have been back 4-5 times since. However, it has become much more crowded in the last few years. Much of what makes Prague a great town is the old and beautiful buildings. You will have a great time.

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