Volunteering in CZ...biggest social issues?

Discussion in 'Culture' started by caulfield2, Sep 19, 2006.

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    Of course, there're such towns, Hradec Králové is an excellent example. Or, maybe, České Budějovice.
    Prague is a conglomerate of historically independent towns. There was no continuous circular city wall replacable by a "Ringstraße". In addition, Prague is too hilly. But there're some city walls replaced by little boulevards (Na Příkopě and Národní).
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    First link:
    Hard to imagine it. :shock: I never been in pub where bartenders are armed?!

    The second link: Did you realized they are biased?
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    Great aerial shots Wer! Thanks! And happy Halloween ooooooo!
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    So People........ have you been able to help Caulfield to decide which area needs immediate attention in the Czech Republic? :D
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    I keep going back and forth.

    I'll have a much better idea after I have the opportunity to spend time there this holiday season, of course.

    If I had to guess right now, I would probably say Brno.
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    So, no messages from caulfield2?

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