Vrchní, prchni! (1980)

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  1. wer

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    This is a part of the comedy “Vrchní, prchni!” aka “Run waiter run!” (ČSFD, IMDb), story by Zdeněk Svěrák, direction by Ladislav Smoljak:

    Some other shots and sounds from the film are here.
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    And this is the full version of the song from the film:

  3. wer

    wer Well-Known Member

    And another part of the film:

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    To je vesele také.

    ''Přece vidíte, že nemusíš hlásit, že stěrače a ostřikovače funguji.''
    ..''No, jo. Možná maš pravdu. Když to přece můžeš uvidět sam.''
    ..''Klaxon troubí.''
    ''Pane bože!''

    'Vlčí mají mou stopu a už je výk blíž a blíž.' Líbí se mi to.
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  6. scrimshaw

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    Vlci mají mou stopu a už je slyším výt blíž a blíž.'

    I am not sure of the grammatical construction of this sentence.
    The wolves have my track(are on my trail) and already I hear them the howl closer and closer.
    Can I say this?
    Výt vlků se blíží a blíží....The howl of the wolves is getting closer and closer?
  7. Alexx

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  8. Polednikova

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    Sorry to interrupt the grammar discussion, gentlemen, but I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the actress who plays the part of the old lady that the 'waiter' gives a lift to, after he's diddled her in the restaurant.

    She has popped up in nearly every 80's Czech film I've seen eg she played the mother of the girl who had the railway stamp stamped on her bottom in 'Ostre sledované vlaky' and the woman who manned the tombola stall in 'Hoří, má panenko' and another one I can't remember for the minute.

    10 minutes later: Actually, I've just answered my own question - isn't the internet a wonderful thing? But I thought someone else might have been wondering about it as well. Her name is Milada Jezková and this lists all her films http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0422539/

    There seem to have been relatively few popular actors here in the 80's because she's not the only one you see in lots of films.
  9. Alexx

    Alexx Well-Known Member

    :) Just look at today's film produced here and you will see same faces again - Macháček, Trojan, Holubová, Polívka, Dušek...

    Every decade has its popular actors :roll:

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    What I keep forgetting is that there are only about as many people in the whole country as there are living in Greater London.

    It doesn't mean that there aren't some extremely talented people, in all sorts of fields, just that there are numerically fewer of them, so of course, they do keep popping up. And actually, I bet talented people make up a bigger percentage of the total here than they do in London!
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    Maybe because there are fewer Čzech studios producing czech films.
    Předpokládám, že většína z nich jsou v Praze.
    What kind of czech films do you have access to? The only czech film I see is the very one that shows up in the library.

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