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    Well, its about time!

    This site is nice because it isnt polluted with ads, and really does promote a community (i.e. you can learn the language, etc.) yet has been, in my humble opinion, poorly promoted. For a php site a few years on, the number of postings isnt in keeping with what it could be. Adding this topic should help ( I did suggest this a few months back)!

    As opposed to the competition site, which degrades the expats here, promotes them to stay together and learn nothing, this site isnt intended to give someone a career that never had one, and therefore is productive. It would be nice if you didnt allow people to try to sell their used dirty shoes, garbage cans for 10 kc., or downloaded DVD off Kaaza though (as they do). Best part here is that the posts arent made up by the administration just to try and make it look popular...

    Sorry but I havent anything to sell today, just bored at work :}
  2. My Czech Republic

    My Czech Republic Administrator

    Hi KJP,

    Thanks for your nice message and your suggestion to put this type of forum up a while back. We actually did launch the For Sale & Wanted forum several months ago and had to turn it off pretty quickly as we found that we didn't have the time to keep it free of the ads that soon formed the majority of the posts in there. Let's see how it goes this time around. We hope everyone finds the forum useful.

    With respect to the type of posts that appear in a forum, as well as forum maintenance in general, we would like to ask all of you to please help us whenever you can. There are only a handful of moderators here and it is hard to keep an eye on all the posts. If you ever notice a post that you think doesn't belong on the boards or goes against our Posting Guidelines, please send a private message to My Czech Republic and let us know. We read and act on all PMs we receive.

    As a side note, these boards have been PHP-based for a little less than a year now. At the time of the upgrade, we had under 500 registered users who had joined over some five years. So we've seen quite an increase in activity over the past year. So far, we have been relying upon word-of-mouth and will continue to look for ways to grow the community.



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