What is it that intrigues foreigners about CZ women?

Discussion in 'Culture' started by caulfield2, Oct 10, 2006.

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    The only thing I can say here is that alena is "half" right...in addition to participating in message boards, the best thing anyone can do is just get out there, travel, take a risk and meet different people. That's the main purpose of any board, to inform yourself.

    There's no magical solution or girl...there MIGHT be girls in the CR that have more the qualities you're looking for, it might turn out that the women you're attracted to are just as, if not more, superficial than the women you would find yourself dating in the US.

    The other thing is that if the US and Germany are too materialistic...the CR becoming moreso, then you must look to countries that are less developed. Of course, the problem there is that the women you would happen to like (with university education, at a minimum...or you would be bored to death, or maybe not?) would desire to find opportunities that don't exist in their countries. This would lead them to pressure you to take them to the US, where they would be "corrupted," in theory...

    Therein lies the dilemma...you want refined women, but refined women are NORMALLY not going to "stand by their man...bake cookies...cook...clean and" take a secondary, unequal position in their household.

    Most models are simplistic....maybe not in their lifestyles, but in their desires, if that makes sense. Of course, men always say they DON'T want a model, but the first model that's half intelligent that gives them attention, it's all over.
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    You've got a point there. My girl is educated yet she has strong family ties and gender identity that I can relate too. Meaning:
    1. She wants kids.
    2. She likes the idea of being the stay at home mom if we can afford it.
    3. If we can't afford it, she'll work outside of the house to make up for it too.
    4. She appreciates nature, spiritualism, poetry, fashion, kindness, and all that is cute. (Attributes I forget to see in this dog eat dog world, and she reminds me of why one should live.)
    5. She is responsible, intelligent, and a straightshooter.
    6. She likes me, lol.

    It's the best of both worlds. I can feel like a man, while being firmly ground by a woman. Furthermore, we can both be educated semi-independant adults. I'm family oriented myself and if someone can be at home with the kids, then who better than the mother? Simply put, that sort of thing puts my light on for a good mate!

    Hmmm... I guess the biggest factor is that she is not SELFISH. I'm not very selfish either, "and with our powers combined..." well you get the idea.
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    There's never a perfect balance...but if there is someone who "takes, takes, takes" and doesn't give, then eventually the other person will come to resent it.

    This was the biggest problem in my relationship...I tend to be a pretty giving person (if I'm with someone who REALLY makes me happy) and you can only give so much of yourself and not get anything in return before you blow up or you have a moment where you just say "enough is enough."

    I'm not suggesting a confrontation every time, but you can make your point without always being "hard/firm" or "soft/lenient" with the other person.

    Of course, two people who are better matched (both laid-back or both Type A) CAN work well together...and so can two that "complement" each other, as long as there's communication and honesty between the two people.
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    Oh my, I hope you aren't saying that I think such things are taboo. Personally I don't find anything wrong with any interracial dating. What my point was with the whole Julio & Billie Jean, Bubba Joe & Juanita ex. is that I think it is more prevalant for men to look outside thier culture than it is for women. In the states it does borderline on taboo for WOMEN. Maybe this has something to do with the "daddy factor attachment".

    Now that you mentioned about service men bringing home Vietnamese women after 'nam, from what I have seen, historically it seems as though it became a fad for American men to have Asian wives/girlfriends during the 60's and 70's. Maybe the attitude for men who didn't go to 'nam was, "Hey John Lennon left his British wife for an Asian, this must be a cool thing to do." Again, I see nothing wrong with it as long as everyones heart is in the right place.

    About Borat, I have already seen previews and know about gypsy jokes. But as you know, in the states it is more of a state of mind. One who follows thier dreams, doesn't conform to the staus quo, has an adventuresome spirit, a bit eccntric, doesn't wear certain clothes because some richy-rich fashion designer says "hey lose so much weight that you look like a pre-teen boy."
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    I think part of it is that women have a more difficult time getting access to credit and student loans, so they are more apt to look at "foreign men" as the solution to their difficulties, especially in countries like Colombia that are also dangerous places to raise a family because of drugs and civil war. Typically, men earn and have more money/net worth as well.

    It started in Vietnam, moved as a trend to the Phillipines in the 70's and 80's, then Communism ended and the desperation of women, many with advanced degrees but no opportunities to move to other cities (like in the US) and earn a decent living....along with two currency devaluations in Russia, led to to this phenomenon.

    The countries where the people are most desperate are most open to abuse and scams, like Ukraine, or Thailand, which has the highest AIDS rate in the world due to the high number of sex workers, particularly underage sex workers.

    There are many Mexican/American parings, but Costa Rica started to become a popular tourist site and retirement location, so the "Hispanic route" opened up more and more....Brazil and Colombia, in particular.

    Any country where there's poverty, like Honduras or Bolivia, or violence, like Colombia, more people are trying to flee...not to mention the minimum wage is close to one dollar there.

    Another factor is that men are more likely to get on a plane and meet a foreign woman because the typical man looks at it as an adventure and doesn't see the potential danger....whereas women are perhaps more cautious about travelling alone to a foreign country and meeting someone they don't even know (maybe they've phoned or e-mailed or chatted online). And I don't think women are typically as aggressive or confident in initiating relationships as men, although that's changing to "equality" every day, where a woman is just as likely to ask out a man (or propose marriage) as the traditional male-dominated model.

    As China opens up, you will start to see more and more Chinese/American couples....as well as Indian, due to the influx of technology workers from cities like Bangalore. OTOH, many Indians are coming to the US for schooling, then returning to take a wife and make a comfortable living in their own country.
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    But this is a culture that loves to watch people fail on TV, spends it's weekeds salivating over blood-sports, etc.-- it's our national cultural identity to be jerks. Where other nations have a genuine national culture, our melting pot is unified by it's love of selfish, obnoxious and nasty behavior (compassion is now the exception not the rule)
    ga: I agree with you to some extent. Our culture has just lost its previous manners and morals. I think if someone is emotionally strong they won't be affected by such silliness.

    Dating is artificial. The system as it stands is set up to disappoint. But those who exploite that silly game for ego issues are just bad seeds, probably pulled flies wings off as kids. People who derive satisfaction from other's disappointment, or who see love as a dominance game from the outset are perverted, decadent and cynical-- But this is our national identity, perhaps people here feel a patriotic duty to be horrible to each-other...
    ga: I agree that dating is superficial. Sometimes a part of me wishes that I coul live in India where a man is picked for me by my parents. Then I get to know him while I am married. Although I still like my American Freedoms. Dating is just a competition between survival of the least mentally fittest. That's what I just said folks! LEAST MENTALLY FITTEST.
    Can a woman who dresses skimpy, hits on guys, asking them to buy her drinks and "puts out" on the first meeting who thinks he's her boyfriend right away be mentally fit? What about the guy who is attracted to such a mental drama queen?

    One wouldn't be questing after foreigners if one didn't feel the need to-- America has become so petty, hostle market-driven and consumeristic, even the kids are competitive spoiled brats by age 4. We've so addicted ourselves to the notion that 'greed is good', the ethical deficit at the root of our society has by now had profound consequences for human love relationships.
    ga: This only affects the mentally weak.

    The traditional human impulses to 'stand by yer man' have been foresaken by a general undercurrent of snobby, selfish 'me generation' dissatisfaction. This general insecurity does not bode well for the stability of couples pursuing a life-partnership. But of course it's just a theory...
    ga: I agree

    The impetus for seeking love abroad where selfish consumerism is not as insidious, is for me more about trying to 'time' a culture to find that last thread of humanistic integrity and innocence from an earlier more romantic (though still modern) realm. less a biologic drive for the exotic than merely a desire to find a good woman who isn't all bitter and dissatisfied.
    ga: I am still confused about how you define romance? Are you talking like "lovey dovey huggy kissy" "Take me in your arms Rhett"? I love Clark Gable's last line in Gone with the Wind--"Frankly Scarlett I don't give a damn". I was watching about how superstitions and cultural norms came about in modern society on the History Channel. Ya know where the wedding ring came to symbolize? It represents the large ring that would bind a woman to a mans house after he stole her from a rival tribe. And this was in Europe. Now that's romantic. NOT!

    Ok, since I am too lazy to rewrite what you have said then qoute it I just put in ga for gypzy's answers. Now it is time for me to head out and vote.
    As they say in Chicago--"Vote and vote often (in the same election)"
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    Elena (I swore off this discussion but culdn't resist...)
    In my experience absolute beauty corrupts absolutely in this age.
    Love is about loving the imperfections also, and sometimes even more.
    All models are peole, and different, but having fended off enough suitors of the blond, I'll take a flawed human over an icon any day-- it does not help a person's character to make them feel arrogant about looks.
    I want to see their human soul.

    Visual/biological decisions may relate to certain things like hip-waiste ratio to some, as yet unknown degree, but to dictate and then believe that Kate Moss represents the human ideal of attractive beauty just because Calvin said so (who is gay anyway) is preposterous, and corrupting to all the girls who are lead to believe. The 'waif' look was chosen less to create a new muse or definition of beauty, and more to show the clothes of the moment, which were a diversion from the larger-boned, shoulder-padded prior era. The problem is Calvin produced a branding campaign using Moss, and girls believed this, and now eating disorders are rampant. It is important not to be fooled by fashion advertising, it's more (as in entirely) about marketing before true beauty.

    There was very cynical and bitter novel 'Parfum' which mocked 'beauty' very well with the notion that the extracted 'essence' of beautiful nubiles would drive men to cannibalism-- it's just a shallow and distorted concept of attractiveness, sure pheromones may have a subtle role, but I strongly doubt your biochemical evidence that fashion models represent the pinnacle of desireability, and that men are all ravenously clamboring over eachother to get one-- they are OK for hanging clothes on, but are often not very normal physically for this reason.

    There was a time not long ago, when Kate moss would have been laughed off the runway in favor of Maralyn Monroe type phisique-- nowadays Maralyn would be liposucting herself into oblivion trying to make her self 'exothermic' looking.

    So, perhaps our resident biochemist above, with the definitive scientific answers regarding her empiracle research into the biology of human attractiveness, can explain that?? (with peer-reviewed data and foot notes, please, not just your own personal hypnotized glorification of skinny, bony, starving girls with ironed-out hair. Hey, at least they're not binding feet any more...).

    BMoody, looks like you guys found great partners in eachother (as in fantastic girl! hope you can keep it together, forever), congrats. (does she have any available friends? :lol:

    I see I started a trend for 'so long posts' (yes I have a thing for accents, too many spy movies I suppose....), so in recompense for my own rambles, I'll have to start reading.
  9. BMoody

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    LoL, actually she does. They are all between 18 and 20, and are new university students throughout the Czech Republic. They are out there, just keep looking. ;-] As I take it, many Czech girls marry young, so you better get working!
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  11. Natureboy

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    Sorry, I think it's "ectomorphic" 8)
    (or in Maralyn's case, ectoplasmic)...
    She had a beautiful disposition indeed.
  12. caulfield2

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    Marilyn? Happy Birthday, Mr. Prehhhhsident!

    She also, reportedly, had 11 illegal abortions...because sleeping your way to roles was even more common back then when you were starting out. Her uterus was destroyed and she was never able to have children.
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    Hey Guys

    So whats the great attraction in Czech women gentlemen of the jury? Have you arrived at any conclusion?

    Questions like this can rarely be answered, coz there is nothing attractive in people in a group....... the attraction is in the individual...... to some it is the physical atributes to some emotional to others yet it is personality....

    Every man and woman have their own choices which they seek in their partners. Some like them aggressive some passive, some like them smart, intelligent, educated, some want their backward child....some want them hot some cold..... lolol....Women cannot be herded and branded....... Cz/Slovak/Japanese etc etc....... its the individual that counts and every variety is available in every society..........

    Its unfortunate that women have to use sex to progress in their career.... it speaks volumes about the men who exploit them....... even animals are better than this..........What's the use of money and power for which one has to sell one's body and soul........ coz by the time you get the money and power there is nothing left to celebrate................
  14. Natureboy

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    Ah Marilyn, ah humanity.

    "Some like them aggressive some passive, some like them smart, intelligent, educated, some want their backward child....some want them hot some cold..... "... you forgot: "Some of them want to abuse you, some of them want to be abused" 8)

    Hooray for individualism!-- A great faux pas of industrialism is in having rendered the individual obsolete (among other things). Individualism is entirely passe (went the way of creativity). We few bitter remaining individualists mourn America, where everybody is now a consumer 'type'.

    Hey Caul, How's 'bout them dems? (how about too little, too late, too close to call, too far gone, too little hope, too bad!).

    Pity all those who wanna live here, wouldn't wanna be ya! Thankfully I've got my own 40-acre country within a country (CWAC as our waterberds like to call it...) womanless as it is
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    I came in today for the first tie in ages......saw this topic and read the first page....then the second and third....then went to 12, 13 and 14.


    Very Deep.

    Can someone tell me if i missed anything in the other pages........i dont think i have long enough to live to read them all......

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    I can offer an answer to the question "what attracts foreigners to czech women", but it's a half-and-half answer.

    A long time ago I dated a Czech girl, and pretty seriously. But it was here in the States, and she eventually returned to her country. I told her it was probably a pretty good idea if we remained friends but didn't date, and she got angry. I went along with her plan to stay together even when she went away (with the idea she would return soon). But then she broke up with me, and I got really upset because she had led me to believe that she wanted to stay together despite being far apart.

    She had also become controlling, started playing odd games, became vindictive, and started blaming me for a lot of things of which I was not guilty. And I've heard and seen similar things from friends and acquaintances.

    So my answer is this: I think foreigners are attracted to their beauty, but if other foreigners are anything like me, they're also disappointed by Czechs' lack of character.
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    Hello i'm new to this messageboard. I was just intrigued by Milewicz's recent response to Caulfield2's thread which was started a while ago. I too went through a similar situation more recently with a Czech girl i met whilst she was over here in England. Everything seemed fine after she left. We emailed each other, etc. Then she too started to become vindictive, started to ignore me and blamed me for things that were out of my control and for what i didn't think i was guilty of.

    I guess i was attracted to her because she was from a different country initially, but that soon passes once you get to know the real person beyond the cultural and language barriers. She certainly had character but i suppose not the sort of character i would look for in someone. So i certainly don't agree that the Czech's lack character. It is really about what the individual is like no matter where they are from. However, i find it interesting that Milewicz seems to have gone through a similar experience to me when it came to meeting a Czech woman.
  19. Milewicz

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    Okay, I take that back. I shouldn't have said lack of character. It's just that I had a bad experience. (A good but later bad) experience. And a coworker who lived there for awhile had a couple of odd experiences as well. And then a chef I knew dated a girl here, and she went back to her country, bringing him with her, and then broke up with him once in CZ. And I haven't heard any really positive stories...

    I think if something happens once, then okay. Twice, you notice the coincidence, and three times, it stops seeming like a coincidence. I'm sorry for the poor generalization, but it will still be hard to look at Czech girls and not having at least some doubts...
  20. alenastef

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    I think you are right. Actually Czech girls (who go to England to work as au-pair above all) want seduce poor English boys and then break up, possibly after causing them many problems, stress and depressions. Did you know they are even payed by some special Czech agencies for this?

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